Research fields categories

When you hear the following letters, it means the information is related to a specific research field, as follows:

N is for Nanotechnology / Advanced materials
E is for Energy / Environment
B is for Biosciences / Biotechnology
A is for All research fields
Professor G. Stephanopoulos (Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT and Honorary Fellow of FORTH) was recently elected as member of the National Academy of Engineering (USA).
The 3rd issue of the 24th volume of "MRS Bulletin", which appeared recently, is dedicated to the subject of "Membranes and Membrane Processes". Guest-Editor for...
The Royal Society of Chemistry of the UK has begun publication of a new scientific journal having the title "Green Chemistry". This new journal is...
The Trustees and the Publisher of the international scientific journal "Advanced Composites Letters" has authorized the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. C. Galiotis, Director of Research at FORTH/ICE-HT,...