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General Announcements

Regional Policy Commissioner Corina Creţu visited FORTH/ICE-HT

Published: 21/05/2015

Regional Policy Commissioner Corina Creţu, head of a delegation, visited FORTH/ICE-HT on Thursday 21/05/2015, accompanied by the General Secretary for Research and Innovation Prof. Thomas...
The project entitled "Cold Plasma Apparatus for the Fast, Efficient and Cost-Effective Remediation of Highly Polluted Soils" by Ch. Aggelopoulos, FORTH/ICE-HT, P. Svarnas, Dept. Electrical...
General Announcements

MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2015

Published: 16/12/2014

The MIT Enterprise Forum Greece in collaboration with FORTH/ICE-HT organized an open presentation of the MITEF Greece Startup Competition, on Tuesday, December 16, at the...
General Announcements

Celebrating 30 years of ICE-HT

Published: 24/10/2014

The Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences of the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH/ICE-HT) celebrated on October 24, 2014 the 30th anniversary of...
Scientific News, Distinctions

Featured FORTH/ICE-HT publication in a high impact journal

Published: 18/10/2014

In the journal Chemical Reviews (Impact Factor: 46.568), which ranks third in the list of journals that appear in Web of Science based on the...

Poster Award to Researchers of FORTH/ICE-HT

Published: 15/07/2014

Mr. loannis Anastasopoulos, Ph.D. student of FORTH/ICE-HT, received the "Young Researcher Award" in recognition of best poster presentation entitled "Carbon-nanotube Based Membranes for Wastewater Treatment...
In the journal of European Parliament "Parliament Magazine" (issue 381, 16 December 2013), which is dedicated to the Greek Presidency, there is a specific reference...
Ms. Katerina Terzi, M.Sc. student of FORTH/ICE-HT, was awarded for her outstanding oral presentation on "Effects of CO2 leakages from storage sites on the quality...

Poster Awards to Researchers of FORTH/ICE-HT

Published: 30/07/2013

Both Mr. loannis Anastasopoulos, Ph.D. student of FORTH/ICE-HT, and Mr. Dimitrios Zagklis, Ph.D. student of FORTH/ICE-HT, were awarded by The European Membrane Society (EMS) and...

Awards to Researchers of FORTH/ICE-HT

Published: 25/07/2013

During the 9th Panhellenic Scientific Symposium of Chemical Engineering, held in Athens on 23-25 May 2013, the best works were selected and awarded by a...
Tailor Graphene is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary programme of research funded by the European Research Council (Advanced Grant), aiming to determine the full response of...
In order to monitor winter air pollution levels and study the contribution of different sources to them, detailed measurements of the concentration and composition of...