Contribution to the Society

Role in the Society

The Institute has evolved over the years into a research establishment that, in addition to its strong academic output, has offered a multitude of concrete benefits to the societal and economic environment. More specifically, ICE-HT:

  • Has offered research scholarships and fellowships to hundreds of postgraduate students and post-doctoral fellows
  • Offers job opportunities to highly trained people
  • Offers postgraduate education in the form of seminars, advisorship, training, symposia
  • Has invited thousands of high school students to guided lab tours around the Institute labs and premises
  • Has utilized repeatedly its know-how and technology to address the society needs for pollution monitoring and identification of point or global pollution sources
  • Actively encourages and supports know-how transfer to the socio-economic world with a clearly positive balance in return-on-investment terms
  • Is a Key partner of the Region of Western Greece in the design and implementation of its Smart Specialization Strategy for Research and Innovation (RIS3)
  • Is active in Regional initiatives to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship  (Patras Science Park, Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Development in Western Greece, Regional Council for Research and Innovation, Agrofood Partnership, etc)
  • Develops and supports initiatives for innovation and entrepreneurship (founder of Patras Science Park, member of Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Development in Western Greece, Agrofood Partnership, Regional Council for Research and Innovation, etc)
  • Has supported a number of local enterprises in the direction of processing or utilizing/recycling their effluents
  • Disseminates scientific results and developments in the society through articles, conferences, and workshops