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General Announcements

Reference to H-CAM in “Persons of the Year 2023”

Published: 16/01/2024

The Entrepreneurship Award in the "Persons of the Year 2023" was awarded this year to Professor Kleomenis Barlos, President of Federation of Enterprises and Industries of Peloponnese &...
New Projects

Funded Project Services to Industry and SMEs

Published: 23/11/2023

FORTH/ICE-HT participates in H2020 project INNOMEM that welcomes applications from the industry and SMEs for research and technical services in the membrane field. Following evaluation...




Prof. Costas Galiotis, Honorary Fellow of FORTH/ICE-HT and Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering Department of University of Patras, received the International Graphene Innovation Award for...
The scientific journal Crystals announced that the winners for the Best Cover Paper Award for the year 2022 were researchers from FORTH/ICE-HT. In total, 12 cover...
General Announcements

FORTH/ICE-HT participation at the 2nd Defence Exhibition Athens

Published: 12/05/2023

FORTH/ICE-HT researchers contributed to the FORTH exhibition site at the booth of the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation at the 2nd Defence Exhibition Athens, which was...

Featured Article by Researchers of FORTH/ICE-HT

Published: 17/02/2023

Researchers of FORTH / ICE-HT published their research results as a feature article in the scientific journal Crystals. The title of the article is: Phosphorus...
Prof. Panagiotis Dimopoulos, Vice Rector of the University of Patras for Research and Development, awarded the "Panagiotis Kanellopoulos" Outstanding Publication Award for the year 2022...
Scientific News, Distinctions

FORTH/ICE-HT article being featured on the cover of a scientific journal

Published: 02/11/2022

The scientific journal "ACS Applied Electronic Materials" used as cover for the issue of October 2022 (Volume 4, Issue 10) artwork from the following publication...
The Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences was represented in the 10th Health Forum by two researchers with talks in two different sessions. Specifically, Dr. Maria...
Scientific News, Distinctions

FORTH/ICE-HT article being featured on the cover of a scientific journal

Published: 17/03/2022

The scientific journal “Molecules” used as cover for the issue of March 2022 (Volume 27, Issue 5) artwork from the following publication by Z. Lada,...
The «Hellenic Center for Additive Manufacturing S.A. - HCAM» aspires to be a unique one-stop-shop for 3D printing, providing end-to-end technological solutions and integrated services...




Scientific News


Published: 16/12/2021

New important scientific results from the implementation of the ERC Consolidation project, "Pyrogenic Transformations Affecting Climate and Health" (PyroTRACH) " at FORTH /ICE-HT under the...