Scientific Equipment

The laboratory and support-service facilities of ICE-HT are of high specifications and excellent capability. Research units such as the integrated high vacuum system (XPS, UPS, AUGER, TDS, EELS, etc.), the micro-RAMAN spectrophotometer, and others, are rare or even unique in Greece. A mobile air quality laboratory is available for gas and particulate pollutants in areas far from ICE-HT. Furthermore, the Institute has acquired recently new equipment, such as CVD furnaces for graphene production and a new AFM/Raman system. The scientific equipment is distributed in the various research labs and in core facilities. The latter include most notably: Surface Science Facility, X-ray diffraction facility, Microscopy facility, Thermal and Mechanical Analysis, Physicochemical analysis, Porous Materials, Molecular Spectroscopy, Mass spectroscopy Metabolomics, Analytical Chemistry Facility, and Nanomaterial manipulation facility This infrastructure makes the Institute an important Centre of Excellence for chemical engineering sciences not only in Greece but also in Europe.