Biosciences / Biotechnology

The activities of the Research Area (RA) of Biosciences/Biotechnology at ICE-HT fall within the field of Biomolecular Science & Engineering, integrating interdisciplinary research, training activities and experimental facilities linking mainly three broad areas of biotechnology: (i) biosystems engineering & systems/synthetic biology, (ii) precision/network medicine and tissue engineering-regenerative medicine and (iii) nanomedicine and theragnostics. By nature, this RA integrates research laboratories that span traditional scientific backgrounds, approaching complex problems from multiple perspectives to speed up the pace of discovery, including, notably, microbial biotechnology and waste treatment.







Biosystems Engineering & Systems/Synthetic Biology

This field of research includes the development of a core mass spectrometry metabolomics facility, multi-omic studies of cell, animal and plant systems, industrial biotechnology for environmental and energy applications.

Precision/Network Medicine and Tissue Engineering/Regenerative Medicine

The research field includes the development and application of computational tools based on biomolecular network analyses, development of biosensors and analytical devices, multi-scale modeling of membranes for biomedical applications, and matrix biology in cancer research.

Nanomedicine and Theragnostics

This research direction includes the design, development and in vitro/in vivo evaluation of drug delivery systems and biomaterial synthesis and advanced characterization.
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