Technical Support

Technical Support Services (TSS) provide a full range of support and technical services for the operation of the overall ICE-HT infrastructure and laboratory facilities. Three major types of technical-level support can be identified:

Machine Workshop

The main tasks of the machine workshop are the following:

  • Mechanical design and development of new devices and setups
  • Repair and maintenance of lab facilities and construction of parts and accessories for laboratory setups
  • Processing and shaping of metal parts
  • Technical support of research labs

The technical personnel of the TSS is well trained to provide assistance with research projects and to build specialized instruments.

Electronics Workshop

The main tasks of the electronics workshop are the following:

  • Maintenance and repair of electrical and electronic equipment
  • Identification of hardware faults in laboratory setups and repair
  • Design and implementation of new laboratory devices (at the level of electronics and automation)
  • Troubleshooting and repair of internal communication network
  • Electronic applications to support research experiments
  • Contribution to the design, development, and construction of scientific devices for laboratory use


Technical Service Department

The Technical Service Department is in charge of the maintenance of the ICE-HT buildings, the personnel and facility safety, the monitoring and expansion of electrical & mechanical infrastructure and UPS coverage, the technical support of the laboratories, the construction of special supply networks in the labs (air, nitrogen, de-ionized water, hot water etc), the support of the wastewater treatment unit, the maintenance of garden and surroundings, the recycling of materials, the cleaning of the buildings, and the application of all pertinent hygiene rules. It also contributes to the planning of new buildings and units, collaborates with the Technical Services of FORTH at Heraklion, as well as with the regional and national authorities on technical issues.