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Protection of artwork using 2D materials such as graphene

Inventors: Galiotis, Baglioni, Poggi, Anagnostopoulos, Pastore, Papademetriou, Paterakis, Kotsidi, Gorgolis
Priority Data:
Appl. No.: 20180100579/31.12.2018, Patent no. ΟΒΙ: 1009757
Applicant: FORTH/ICE-HT & CSGI
Valid in: Greece
Legal Status: Valid


Inventors: G. Vasileiou- G. Vlachos- V. Papachristos- J. Parthenios- K. Papagelis
Priority Data: 06.03.2017 - US15/450506
Appl. No.: US2018251641A1 - 06.09.2018 WO2018162415A3 - 25.10.2018
Applicant: BIC VIOLEX SA
Valid in: USA
Legal Status: Pending

Crosslinked wholly aromatic polymeric electrolyte proton conductors based on quinoline units

Inventors: C. Kallitsis- I. Kallitsis- S. Kakogianni- A. Andreopoulou- S. Neophytides- M. Daletou
Priority Data: 26.09.2016 - GR20160100491
Appl. No.: EP3300155A1 - 26.09.2017 - Pending
Applicant: FORTH/ICE-HT- University of Patras
Valid in: GREECE
Legal Status: Valid in Greece; Pending in Europe

Reactor having a cold plasma generated by a dielectric barrier electric discharge for soil decontamination

Inventors: Aggelopoulos Ch.- Svarnas P.- Tsakiroglou Ch.
Priority Data: 06.08.2014 - GR20140100427
Appl. No.:
Applicant: FORTH/ICE-HT- University of Patras
Valid in: GREECE
Legal Status: Valid

A catalytic fragrance burner assembly and a method of manufacture thereof

Inventors: R. Harbutt- Th. Ioannides
Priority Data: 03.12.2013 - GB201321309A
Appl. No.: GB2521017A - 10.06.2015
Valid in: UK
Legal Status: Pending

(Co)-polymeric and hybrid (co)-polymeric electron acceptors for organic photovoltaic cell applications

Inventors: A. Andreopoulou- S. Kourkouli- A. Stefopoulos- A. Siokou- I. Kallitsis
Priority Data: 20.03.2012 - GR20120100166A
Appl. No.:
Applicant: FORTH/ICE-HT- University of Patras
Valid in: Europe (& Greece) till 20.03.2033
Legal Status: Valid




Process of producing zeolites from rice husk ash (RHA)

Inventors: Vl. Nikolakis- L. Litos
Priority Data: 31.12.2012 - GR20120100663A
Appl. No.:
Applicant: EU.GE Pistiolas "Agrino" SA
Valid in: GREECE
Legal Status: Valid

Cross-linked or non-cross-linked aromatic copolymeric proton-conducting electrolytes for polymeric membrane fuel cells

Inventors: J. K. Kallitsis- S. G. Neophytides- K. D. Papadimitriou- Ch. Morfopoulou- F. Paloukis- A. Voege- A. K. Andreopoulou- M. K. Daletou- J. Kalamaras
Priority Data: 07.02.2011 - GR20110100058A
Appl. No.: US20120202129A1 - 09.08.2012
Applicant: Advent Technologies SA- University of Patras- FORTH/ICE-HT
Valid in: GREECE
Legal Status: Abandoned



Modified Ni-based electrocatalysts used as carbon tolerant anodes for SOFC especially when the modification is being realized via chemical deposition-precipitation of the dopant into the unmodified anode

Inventors: S. Neophytides- D. Niakolas- E. Gavrielatos
Priority Data: 10.05.2010 - GR20100100271A
Appl. No.:
Applicant: FORTH/ICE-HT
Valid in: GREECE
Legal Status: No more Valid

Self heating packaging and method of manufacturing fuel

Inventors: M. Searle- D. Delimaris- Th. Ioannides
Priority Data: 09.04.2010 - GB1005932.7A
Appl. No.: WO2011124910A3 - 29.12.2011 GB2492262A - 26.12.2012 - Withdrawn
Applicant: Nano Heating Company Limited- FORTH/ICE-HT
Valid in:
Legal Status: Not Valid