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When you hear the following letters, it means the information is related to a specific research field, as follows:

N is for Nanotechnology / Advanced materials
E is for Energy / Environment
B is for Biosciences / Biotechnology
A is for All research fields
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New Projects


Published: 08/11/2021

The project WASTE2PLASTICS was initiated by the need to develop advanced bioprocesses for the management and valorization of industrial wastes/wastewaters and waste biomass generated from...
New Projects

ELIXIR-GR: Managing and Analysing Life Sciences Data

Published: 05/11/2021

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The Cloud-AerosoL InteractionS measurement campaign in the Helmos background TropOsphere (CALISHTO) is taking place in the next two months (October-November 2021) in the context of...
FORTH/ICE-HT, under the chairing of Principal Researcher, Dr. Maria I. Klapa, Metabolic Engineering & Systems Biology Laboratory, organizes the 1st ELIXIR Fluxomics training school 2021,...
The exposure of colors used in artworks to ultraviolet (UV) and visible light in the presence of oxidizing agents, triggers color degradation, fading and yellowing....
General Announcements

FORTH/ICE-HT at the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair

Published: 14/09/2021

The Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences (ICE-HT) participated in the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair with two exhibits in the FORTH demonstration area at the stand...




Since its isolation in 2004 by Geim and Novoselov from the University of Manchester (Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010), graphene has been termed as...