FORTH/ICE-HT library is located on the second floor of Building “Georgios Papatheodorou A” and is open during working hours from 8AM to 4PM. FORTH/ICE-HT personnel can also contact the Librarian for their needs in literature search. The library hosts digital and print materials for the educational and research needs of the FORTH/ICE-HT research community.

Print Materials

  • Approximately 1500 printed books (monographies and the major monographic series in chemical engineering and related disciplines).
  • Reference material (encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks), in printed form and CD-ROMs.
  • Scientific journals in printed form since 1985.
  • Documentation center of the published materials by ICE-HT researchers:
    • A complete catalogue of PhD theses that were carried out largely at FORTH/ICE-HT;
    • A complete list of publications in international scientific journals, Conferences and books.

Digital Materials

The library is a member of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link Consortium). HEAL Link is the biggest library consortium in Greece and an acknowledged member of many European and world societies. Through HEAL Link, the library provides online access to scientific journals and bibliographic databases, references and bibliographical databases, e.g., SCOPUS and Web of Science. Any member of FORTH/ICE-HT community can access the journals to which HEAL-Link has been registered by any computer connected to the FORTH/ICE-HT network.