FORTH/ICE-HT library is located on the second floor of Building A “Georgios Papatheodorou” and is open during working hours from 8AM to 4PM. FORTH/ICE-HT personnel can also contact the Librarian for their needs in literature search. The library hosts digital and print materials for the educational and research needs of the FORTH/ICE-HT research community.

Print Materials

  • Approximately 1500 printed books (monographies and the major monographic series in chemical engineering and related disciplines).
  • Reference material (encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks), in printed form and CD-ROMs.
  • Scientific journals in printed form since 1985.
  • Documentation center of the published materials by ICE-HT researchers:
    • A complete catalogue of PhD theses that were carried out largely at FORTH/ICE-HT;
    • A complete list of publications in international scientific journals, conferences and books.

Digital Materials

The library is a member of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link Consortium). HEAL-Link is the biggest library consortium in Greece and an acknowledged member of many European and world societies. Through HEAL-Link, the library provides online access to scientific journals and bibliographic databases, references and bibliographical databases, e.g., SCOPUS and Web of Science. Any member of FORTH/ICE-HT community can access the journals to which HEAL-Link has been registered by any computer connected to the FORTH/ICE-HT network.