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The Laboratory of Atmospheric Processes and their Impacts, ENAC, EPFL,...

Smart windows for building power saving

Published: 17/02/2020

Speaker: George Leftheriotis, Associate Professor Department of Physics, University of...

Seminar on Safety and health at FORTH/ICE-HT

Published: 03/02/2020

In the context of the regular briefing of postgraduate and...

Smart nanomaterials against pancreatic cancer

Published: 13/01/2020

Speaker: George Pasparakis, Associate Professor Department of Chemical Engineering, University...
SEMINARS, Distinguished Lecture "Alkiviades Ch. Payatakes"

8th Distinguished Lecture “Alkiviades Ch. Payatakes”

Published: 16/12/2019

"NETmix: Beyond Network Models" Professor Madalena Dias, Departamento de Engenharia Quimica,...
The 14th annual Conference of the Hellenic Society of Computational...

MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2020

Published: 04/12/2019

An open event to present the MITEF Greece Startup Competition...
Speaker: Theocharis Stamatatos, Associate Professor Department of Chemistry, University of...
The fifth workshop for postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows in...

Workshop on ERC scope and funding opportunities

Published: 31/10/2019

A workshop on the ERC scope and funding opportunities ws...
The 12th Scientific Retreat, of the Foundation for Research &...





Structure and Dynamics in Polymer Nanocomposites

Published: 11/09/2019

Speaker: Dr. Kiriaki Chrissopoulou Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas Institute...