Event Date: 13-09-2021, 12:00
Event Location: FORTH/ICE-HT Conference Center

Controlling nanomaterials and their interfaces for biological applications


Speaker: J.-F. Berret, Université de Paris, CNRS, Matière et systèmes complexes, 75013 Paris, France

Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology. Nanomedicine ranges from the medical applications of nanomaterials and biological devices, to nanoelectronic biosensors and biomarkers. Current nanomedicine issues involve understanding and controlling the interactions of nanomaterials with biological fluids, cells and tissues. In this lecture, I will underline the importance of soft matter based approaches to face the challenges of nanomedicine, and demonstrate the benefits of such strategies. I will provide instances of polymer coated particles used as diagnostic and therapeutic agents for the treatment of major diseases. On the soft matter side, the emphasis will be on nanomaterial-biological fluid interfaces, which are now recognized as key factors in determining the fate/toxicity of nanoparticles. Finally, I will show how in some conditions, particles can be translated into microdevices and manipulated to allow the measurements of physical quantities of biological materials, such as viscosity.

To watch live: https://iceht-forth.webex.com/meet/J-F.Berret_seminar


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FORTH/ICE-HT Conference Center

Stadiou 1 Str., Platani, GR-26504



Stadiou Str., Platani


Event starts: 13-09-2021, 12:00