Event Date: 14-12-2020, 17:00
Event Location: FORTH/ICE-HT Auditorium

9th Distinguished Lecture “Alkiviades Ch. Payatakes”

Category: SEMINARS, Distinguished Lecture "Alkiviades Ch. Payatakes"

The 2020 “Alkiviades Ch. Payatakes” Distinguished Lecture was delivered by Professor Antonios G. Mikos, Department of Bioengineering, Rice University, Houston, Texas. The lecture was entitled “Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and Disease Modeling” and was held online on Monday, 14 December 2020, 17:00h.

These Distinguished Lectures are organised by FORTH/ICE-HT every year to honor the memory of Professor Alkiviades Ch. Payatakes, Chairman of FORTH (2006-2009) and Director of FORTH/ICE-HT (1999-2006).


Location Information

FORTH/ICE-HT Auditorium

Stadiou 1 Str., Platani, GR-26504 Patras, Hellas


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Stadiou Str., Platani


Event starts: 14-12-2020, 17:00