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When you hear the following letters, it means the information is related to a specific research field, as follows:

N is for Nanotechnology / Advanced materials
E is for Energy / Environment
B is for Biosciences / Biotechnology
A is for All research fields

Internationally Funded

No International Research Funded Projects Found

Nationally Funded

Παραγωγή αιθυλενίου από φυσικό αέριο

Funding Organization: GSRT
Contract No.:
Partners: FORTH/ICE-HT (GR); Contractor
Duration: From: 1992 - to: 1994
Total Budget: 108000
ICE-HT Budget:
ICE-HT Researchers: Verykios, X, (PI)


Θερμοδυναμική μελέτη υαλοδών πολυμερών

Funding Organization: ΓΓΕΤ
Contract No.:
Partners: ΙΕΧΜΗ/ΙΤΕ; Aνάδοχος
Duration: From: 1992 - to: 1993
Total Budget: 4. 000
ICE-HT Budget:
ICE-HT Researchers: Κ. Τσιτσιλιάνης


EU-294 Υλικά της Ιατρικής (Βιοϋλικά)Ανάπτυξη βιοσυμβατών σύνθετων υλικών με ιδιότητες που να ανταποκρίνονται στις απαιτήσεις της ιατρικής

Funding Organization: ΓΓΕΤ
Contract No.:
Partners: ΙΕΧΜΗ/ΙΤΕ; Aνάδοχος; ΕΚΕΠΥ ΑΕ
Duration: From: 1988 - to: 1992
Total Budget: 380000
ICE-HT Budget:
ICE-HT Researchers: ΠΝικολόπουλος


Funded by Industry/Other

No Industry Research Funded Projects Found