Event Date: 02-06-2020, 08:00

Virtual Workshop on Molecular Simulations of Atmospheric Systems (2-4 June, 2020) co-organized by C-STACC, FORTH/ICE-HT and funded by the ERC PyroTRACH project


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The Laboratory of Atmospheric Processes and their Impacts, ENAC, EPFL, and the Center for the Study of Air Quality and Climate Change (C-STACC), FORTH/ICE-HT co-organized the Virtual Workshop on Molecular Simulations of Atmospheric Systems on 2-4 June, 2020.

Conference topics:

  • applicability of molecular simulations for problems related to atmospheric systems
  • aerosol particles
  • aerosol/water interaction
  • ice and droplet nucleation
  • adsorption on solid surfaces


  • Pál Jedlovszky (Hungary)
  • Katerina Karadima (Greece)
  • Ari Laaksonen (Finland)
  • Mária Lbadaoui-Darvas (Switzerland)
  • Josip Lovrić (Sweden)
  • Claudia Marcolli (Switzerland)
  • Milán Szõri (Hungary)
  • Céline Toubin (France)
  • Delphine Vardanega-Bonneton (France)

Funding for this workshop was provided by the ERC PyroTRACH project, for which the hosting organization is FORTH/ICE-HT.

For more information, please refer to the website of the workshop, where you can find the final program, as well as a link to a registration form.



Stadiou Str., Platani


Event starts: 02-06-2020, 08:00