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ERC featured FORTH/ICE-HT article

ERC featured FORTH/ICE-HT article

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The European Research Council recently featured a study at the high impact journal in atmospheric sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, on the lidar remote sensing of ice nuclei with the participation of FORTH/ICE-HT in Patras (Center for the Study of Air Quality and Climate Change, C-STACC, article co-authored by Prof. A. Nenes) in collaboration with the National Observatory of Athens, Institute TROPOS, the Cyprus Institute and other organizations. The ability to remotely sense ice nuclei constitutes a key source of information, which is largely lacking, for improving and evaluating cloud formation in regional and global climate models. The study presented work on remotely sensing ice nuclei and evaluating them with in-situ observations obtained with drones, and concludes by exploring the possibility of obtaining global distributions using NASA satellite products.

The relevant article is entitled

Retrieval of ice-nucleating particle concentrations from lidar observations and comparison with UAV in situ measurements
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 19, 11315–11342, 2019
by: Eleni Marinou, Matthias Tesche, Athanasios Nenes, Albert Ansmann, Jann Schrod, Dimitra Mamali, Alexandra Tsekeri, Michael Pikridas, Holger Baars, Ronny Engelmann, Kalliopi-Artemis Voudouri, Stavros Solomos, Jean Sciare, Silke Groß, Florian Ewald, and Vassilis Amiridis

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