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Best Scientific Presentation Award to Researchers of FORTH/ICE-HT

Best Scientific Presentation Award to Researchers of FORTH/ICE-HT

The oral presentation of the collaborative study between the Metabolic Engineering and Systems Biology Laboratory of FORTH/ICE-HT headed by Dr. M. I. Klapa and the First Pediatrics Department of Medical School, University of Athens, in “Agia Sofia” Hospital:

A. Telonis, A. Gkourogianni, I. Kosteria, Ch.Kanaka-Gantenbein, G. Chrousos, M. I. Klapa,
“Metabolomics in Clinical Prognosis: Indications of Predisposition to Metabolic Disorders in Result to Assisted Reproduction”
received the “Best Scientific Presentation Award in Health Research” in the Annual Meeting of the 8th Panhellenic Association of Bioscientists, which took place in Patras on October 18-20, 2012.

The results of metabolomic analysis do support the current serious indications of increased risk for insulin resistance in children conceived by assisted reproduction technologies in general and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), in particular. Furthermore, they demonstrate the usefulness of metabolomic analysis, as new technology for high-throughput biomolecular analysis, to provide a high resolution perspective of the metabolic state, enabling the determination of characteristic metabolic profiles even in complex physiological conditions. A relevant manuscript is in preparation for submission to an international peer-reviewed journal.