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Forum of Development 2010 / 13th Money Show

Forum of Development 2010 / 13<sup>th</sup> Money Show

The established multi-conference – exhibition Forum of Development 2010/13th Patras Money Show was organized and successfully held again this year on the weekend of October 16 & 17, 2010 at the familiar venue of the ASTIR hotel. The central thematic subject of the conference, which served as a direction for the established two-hour events, was the “Turn to the Real Economy”, with the aim of highlighting one of the most basic conditions for the exit of the country from crisis.

FORTH/ICE-HT participated this year for the fourth consecutive time in the multi-conference with the presentation, in a specially designed stand, of the Institute’s three Fields of Research & Development, as well as its spin-off companies. Also, the Director of FORTH/ICE-HT Prof. C. Galiotis participated in the event of the Technical Chamber of Western Greece on the topic “The production of research and innovation in Patras”, where he presented the recent technological achievements of the Researchers, as well as the Institute’s contribution to the regional development.

The complete minutes together with relevant visual material from the event in the form of a television report and photographic snapshots can be found on the official site of the conference,