Event Date: 28-06-2017, 16:00
Event Location: FORTH/ICE-HT Auditorium (Seminar Room)

Investigation of advanced materials and processes in fuel cell/electrolysis mode under high temperature (SOFCs/SOECs) and high pressure (HP WE)


Speaker: Varvara Sygouni, Post-Doctoral Researcher
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Patras
Invited by: FORTH/ICE-HT
Theme: Investigation of Flow and Physicochemical Processes in Porous Materials
Date: Wednesday, June 28th, 2017
Place: FORTH/ICE-HT Auditorium
Time: 16:30h.

Location Information

FORTH/ICE-HT Auditorium (Seminar Room)

Stadiou Str., Platani, GR-26504 Patras, Hellas



Stadiou Str., Platani


Event starts: 28-06-2017, 16:00