Multi-model evaluation of short-lived pollutant distributions over east Asia during summer 2008

Quennehen; B; Raut; JC; Law; KS; Daskalakis; N; Ancellet; G; Clerbaux; C; Kim; SW; Lund; MT; Myhre; G; Olivie; DJL; Safieddine; S; Skeie; RB; Thomas; JL; Tsyro; S; Bazureau; A; Bellouin; N; Hu; M; Kanakidou; M; Klimont; Z; Kupiainen; K; Myriokefalitakis; S; Quaas; J; Rumbold; ST; Schulz; M; Cherian; R; Shimizu; A; Wang; J; Yoon; SC; Zhu; T

Journal: ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS Year: 2016 Volume: 16 Issue: 17 Pages: 10765-10792
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