Microphysical explanation of the RH-dependent water affinity of biogenic organic aerosol and its importance for climate

Rastak; N; Pajunoja; A; Navarro; JCA; Ma; J; Song; M; Partridge; DG; Kirkevag; A; Leong; Y; Hu; WW; Taylor; NF; Lambe; A; Cerully; K; Bougiatioti; A; Liu; P; Krejci; R; Petaja; T; Percival; C; Davidovits; P; Worsnop; DR; Ekman; AML; Nenes; A; Martin; S; Jimenez; JL; Collins; DR; Topping; DO; Bertram; AK; Zuend; A; Virtanen; A; Riipinen; I

Journal: GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS Year: 2017 Volume: 44 Issue: 10 Pages: 5167-5177
Research Fields: