Mechanical Stability of Flexible Graphene-Based Displays

Anagnostopoulos; G; Pappas; PN; Li; ZL; Kinloch; IA; Young; RJ; Novoselov; KS; Lu; CY; Pugno; N; Parthenios; J; Galiotis; C; Papagelis; K

Graphical abstract of the publication entitled 'Mechanical Stability of Flexible Graphene-Based Displays'
Reprinted with permission from (ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 8 (34):22605-22614 (2016)). Copyright (2016) American Chemical Society
Journal: ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES Year: 2016 Volume: 8 Issue: 34 Pages: 22605-22614
Impact Factor: 7.145