Green synthesis of ultrathin 2D nanoplatelets, hematene and magnetene, from mineral ores in water, with strong optical limiting performance

Koutsioukis, A.; Florakis, G.; Samartzis, N.; Yannopoulos, S.N.; Stavrou, M.; Theodoropoulou, D.; Chazapis, N.; Couris, S.; Kolokithas-Ntoukas, A.; Asimakopoulos, G.; Gournis, D.P.; Tzitzios, V.; Sakellis, E.; Tombros, S.F.; Kokkalas, S.; Georgakilas, V.

Journal: JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C Year: 2023 Volume: 11 Issue: 3 Pages: 3244-3251
Impact Factor: 5.4