Formation of organic aerosol in the Paris region during the MEGAPOLI summer campaign: evaluation of the volatility-basis-set approach within the CHIMERE model

Zhang; QJ; Beekmann; M; Drewnick; F; Freutel; F; Schneider; J; Crippa; M; Prevot; ASH; Baltensperger; U; Poulain; L; Wiedensohler; A; Sciare; J; Gros; V; Borbon; A; Colomb; A; Michoud; V; Doussin; JF; van der Gon; HACD; Haeffelin; M; Dupont; JC; Siour; G; Petetin; H; Bessagnet; B; Pandis; SN; Hodzic; A; Sanchez; O; Honore; C; Perrussel; O

Journal: ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS Year: 2013 Volume: 13 Issue: 11 Pages: 5767-5790
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