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Dept. of Pharmacy

University of Patras, Greece

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1980-1984: Department of Pharmacy, School of Health Sciences, University
of Athens, Greece, Degree: Bpharm (8.4/10)
1984-1988: Department of Pharmacy, School of Health Sciences, University
of Athens, Greece, Degree: PhD (Biopharmaceutics)
1997: Pharmacist License



  • Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics: Improving Drug Biodistribution and Pharmacokinetics through Advances Drug Delivery System Design
  • Nanomedicines: Liposomal or Nanoparticulate systems for Controlled Drug (or Vaccine) Delivery and/or Targeting
  • Application of novel lipid vesicles (Arsonoliposomes) in Anticancer / Antiparasitic Therapeutics
  • Novel Controlled-(Release)-Drug-Releasing Stents
  • Ocular, Alveolar and Vaginal Drug Delivery and Targeting
  • Nanoparticles for Alzheimers Disease / Targeting the Brain/ Targeted delivery of Growth factors
  • Synergistic effects of liposomal chemotherapies and atmospheric plasmas
  • Liposomal antibiotics/bacteriphages against infectious diseases


2002-2009: Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras, Greece.
1993-2002: Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras, Greece.
1992-1993: Visiting Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of London, UK
1989-1993: Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras, Greece.
1988-1989 / 1990: PostDoc fellow / Visiting Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of South California (USC), Los Angeles, USA.


1980-1984: Scholarships from Greek State Scholarships’ Foundation
(IKY) for outstanding performance during undergraduate studies (Ranking
in top 5% of class).
2011: Award for best poster at the EuroNanoForum, 2011, May 30-June 1, Budapest, Hungary.


1989-: Participation as coordinator and/or partner-PI in 9 National (GSRT & Ministry of Education, EDK, ESPA) funded and 10 European programs (FP6-Health, INTERREG, FP7-NMP, H2020-Health, EuroNanoMed III) and industry-funded projects. Partner of the EMJMD program NANOMEDICING FOR DRUG DELIVERY (NANOMED)

Current research programs: INNOFOR-I, DINNESMIN, LIPODOX ( ; SBR (H2020); NANO4STROKE (EuroNanoMEDIII)


>120 Papers in peer-reviewed journals, >30 Invited Papers & Reviews or Chapters in Book Series, >200 Abstracts in proceeding of international conferences, 6 Papers in Greek Scientific Journals, 1 World patent, 1 PCT, 1 US, 1 EPO and 5 Greek patents.


Participation in >150 International conferences or educational workshops, and more than 40 National conferences, Invited speaker in > 60 National and International scientific or educational conferences / workshops.


Referee of >70 Pharmaceutical and related Scientific journals. Participation in several Research Proposal Evaluator panels, European Commission, Research Directorate, 2004-2008 (2) and 2008-2013 (1) and H2020. Evaluator for Research Proposals for National Organizations (Elidek, GSRT, IKY, etc) and International Organizations from various countries (Spanish Ministry of Development and Research, Israel Research Foundation, Norwegian Centre of Excellence, UK, USA & Swiss Organizations and other international funding societies. President of the Western-Greece Committee for evaluation of Pharmacy Technicians (2001-). Evaluator for the National Foundation of Drugs (EOF) for Clinical Studies and Formulation Bioequivalence Studies (2000-). Member of Scientific Committee of several internation Conferences; European Association of Pharma Biotechnology [EAPB] (2004). Member of Scientific Advisory Board Europe, of New Drugs, official publication of EAPB (2004). Associate Editor of J. Biomedical Nanotechnology. Editor of several special Issues (JBN 2008; Molecules 2018; Pharmaceutics 2021). Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Pharmacy and BioAllied Sciences (2010) and Journal of Drug Delivery (2010). Pharmaceutics (2019). Member of the Senate, Univ. of Patras (2004-5). Member of the Graduate Studies committee, Dept. of Pharmacy, Univ. of Patras (1998-2017). Coordinator of the Socrates mobility Program for the Dept. of Pharmacy, Univ. of Patras (1998-).


  • Panhellenic Association of Pharmacists
  • APGI/APV (Association de Pharmacie Galenique Industrielle)
  • European Federation of Pharmaceutical Scientists (EUFEPS)
  • Controlled Release Society (CRS)
  • CRS -Greek Chapter [President 1999-2001]
  • International Liposome Society (ILS)
  • AAPS -American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
  • Galenos Network for novel Drug delivery Exploitation and Education


1989- Undergraduate Program (Pharmacy Dept): Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics (+Practical course) Pharmaceutical Technology: Pre-Formulation / Design and Preparation of Drug Formulation.(+Practical course).

1995 – Postgraduate Program (Pharmacy Dept): Applied Pharmacokinetics, Determination of Drugs in Biological Fluids, Pharmaceutical Statistics, Advanced-Novel Pharmaceutical Formulations (Liquid, Semi-Solid, Solid); Nanomedicines-Innovative DDS;

2000 -2012 Postgraduate Program (School of Medicine): Pharmacokinetic Modeling / Modulating Drug Pharmacokinetics by Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

For the Socrates Educational Program “Novel Drug Delivery Systems: 10-day Workshop entitled: Liposome Technology and Applications in Therapeutics/Nanomedicines (1997-98, 1999-2000, 2003, 2008).




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