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Dept. of Chemistry

University of Patras, Greece

Tel: +30 2610-965 252



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1996: PhD in Chemical Engineering, Univ. of Patras, Greece
1990: B.S. Physics, Univ. of Patras, Greece


Research activities are focused on two main directions:

A. Nanomaterials – Nanoscience – Nanotechnology

  • Fabrication of high-quality graphene-based hybrid nanomaterials from inorganic (metal carbides) and organic (polymers and biomass-based raw materials) compounds at ambient conditions, using novel laser-assisted methodologies:(i) R2R-compatible laser-assisted in-situ graphene deposition on textiles and flexible substrates.
    (ii) Laser-scribed-graphene electrodes for energy harvesting (triboelectric nanogenerators for batteryless flexible electronics), and electrochemical energy storage devices (flexible microcapacitors)
    (iii Epitaxial graphene growth on SiC wafers using IR lasers
    (iv) Graphene-coated nanocomposites, (graphene-coated metal carbide particles at the micro- and nano-scale)
  • Developing rational bottom-up synthetic routes (wet chemistry and CVD) for the controlled growth of 1-D nanostructures (ZnO-based) and heterostructures (core/ sheath nanowires):
    (i) Energy conversion: optimizing the anode/cathode active materials for dye-sensitized solar cells; improving the anode nanostructures of photo-electrochemical devices for H2 evolution
    (ii) Photocatalytic applications: defect and morphology engineering of nanocrystals for waste-water treatment; advancing immobilized photocatalysts for large-scale reactors
    (iii) Gas sensors: synthesis of heterostructures of nanostructures with various morphologies to achieve high sensitivity/selectivity and device operation at room temperature for dangerous gasses, such as CO
    (iv) (Nano)photonics: optimizing the morphology of nanowire arrays for realizing SERS substrates; long-persistent luminescent crystals
  • CVD and PVD growth of 2-D few-layer transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDCh) crystals
    (i) Direct PVD growth of 2-D TMDCh crystals on TM foils for catalytic applications (counter electrodes of DSSCs)
    (ii) CVD growth of vertical heterostructures (alternating stacks of different 2-D materials with improved electrical and optical properties)
    (iii) Combinatorial growth of 1-D and 2-D materials in core-sheath structures for visible light photo-electrochemical cells (water splitting)
    (iv) Nanoscale engineering 2-D crystals for tribological applications
  • Structure and dynamics of the fluids and crystals confined in nanopores
  • Fabrication and characterization of low-dimensional nanoparticles by laser ablation

B. Glasses / Glass transition and Light-Sensitive Amorphous Semiconductors:

  • Understanding structure and dynamics of a diverse family of glasses, supercooled liquids and melts (halide, oxide, and chalcogenide glasses)
  • Amorphous semiconductors: photoinduced phenomena in chalcogenide glasses: athermal photoplastic phenomena, athermal reversible photo-crystallization, phase-change materials, Raman amplifiers
  • Understanding structure-property relations in bioactive glasses


12/2016 – today: Research Director, FORTH/ICE-HT, Greece
01/01/2005 – 11/2016: Principal Researcher, ICE/HT-FORTH, Greece
11/2001-31/12/2004: Associate Researcher, ICE/HT-FORTH, Greece
03/1999-10/2001: Assistant Researcher, ICE/HT-FORTH, Greece
11/1996-06/1997: Post-Doctoral Fellow, ICE/HT-FORTH, Greece


Participation as PI and principal researcher in more than 30 European, international and nationally funded R&D projects and several Bilateral Collaborations.


152 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals (ISI); h index: 33 (WoS), 33 (Scopus), 38 (Google Scholar); 5 Invited chapters in international books; 11 Articles and reviews in international books; 1 PCT patent.


More than 120 Poster Presentations in international conferences; 35 Invited Oral Presentations.


  • 1994-today: Member of the American Physical Society
  • 2003-today: Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • 2004-today: Member of the Optical Society of America
  • 1999-today: Member of the Hellenic Researchers Society (ΕΕE)


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