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Associate Professor

Department of Sustainable Agriculture

University of Patras

Research Fields

Energy / Environment



Research Project, Scientists etc



2006: PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, Greece

2006: M.Sc in Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, Greece, Thematic Area: “Energy and Environment”

2003: BSc. in Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, Greece


1) Experimental design and development of innovative biochemical processes for the treatment and valorization of municipal, agricultural, industrial waste/wastewaters / by-products and residual biomass, through the use of mixed and pure microbial cultures.

2) Microbial Electrochemical technology for energy and products generation

3) Mathematical modeling and optimization of anaerobic and aerobic biological production processes towards bio-products.

4) Development and design of upstream physicochemical and biological processes for the pretreatment of raw materials / waste

5) Management of natural ecosystems

6) Fate of microplastics in municipal wastewater treatment plants


2022- current: Associate Professor, Department of Sustainable Agriculture, School of Agricultural Sciences (merged with Department of Environmental Engineering of the School of Engineering), University of Patras, Greece

2021-2022: Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Patras

2019-2020: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Patras

2015-2023:  Collaborating Teaching Member, Hellenic Open University, Post-Graduate Program “Waste Management”

2007 –2022: Post-doc researcher, Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology, FORTH/ICE-HT

2020-2021: Collaborative researcher, Water and Air Quality Laboratory, Department of Environment, University of the Aegean, Mytilene

2016-2021: Collaborative researcher, Laboratory of Organic Chemical Technology – School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens

2010-2016: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Protection and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, TEI of Ionian Islands (Ionian University)

2009-2012: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Environment Technologist, TEI Ionian islands (Ionian University)

2009-2012: Adjunct assistant professor, Department of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure, TEI of Patras (University of Peloponese)

2006-2011: Post-doc researcher, Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering and Environmental Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras.




2018-2021: Post-Doctoral Fellowship supported by the 1st Call for H.F.R.I. Research Projects

2020-2021:  Post-Doctoral Fellowship: ΕΔΒΜ103

2012-2015:  Post-Doctoral Fellowship supported by the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology

2003-2006: Ph.D fellowship funded by (GSRT)/ Ministry of Development –program PENED, University of Patras

2003: MSc Fellowship funded by Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs-program EPEAEK, University of Patras



2023: Top reviewer of the Journal Waste Management (IF 8.1), Elsevier, for 2023, in recognition of an exceptional contribution to ensure the high quality of the journal

2020-2021: Top reviewer of the Journal Waste Management (IF 8.1), Elsevier, for 2020-2021 determined by the number of peer review reports

2018: Biorestec 2018: Among 20 Top cited papers in Bioresource Technology Journal (IF. 9.642) published in 2015 and 2016, counting citations in 2017 for the paper “Review of pretreatment strategies for the most common anaerobic digestion feedstocks: from lab-scale research to full-scale applications”

2023: Best poster award in 18th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, Athens, Greece (CEST2023)

Other Honours/Distinctions

Gest Editor of the Special Issues:“Efficient Technology for the Pretreatment of Biomass II” “Molecules”, “Exploitation of Wastes and Residues via Biological Processes in the Concept of Bioeconomy””Sustainability”, “Efficient Technology for the Pretreatment of Biomass III” “Molecules”, “Novel Biochemical Processes for Treatment and Valorization of Wastes and Biomass” “Molecules”, “Anaerobic Digestion for Waste/Wastewater Treatment” “Applied Sciences”, “Novel Electrochemical Technologies for Energy Applications and Wastewater Treatment” “Processes”.

Invited speaker in 1st Mediterranean Symposium in New Technologies: Telecommunications – Environment, Santorini, 30/5-1/6 2008. Title: ‘Hydrogen and biogas production from biomass and wastes’

Invited speaker in Laboratory of Biotechnology. INRA, Narbonne 8-4-2014 “Application of ADM1 model on fermentative hydrogen and anaerobic digestion process.”

5/2010: Interview/ Article in Economist: Cheese-powered fuel cells: The whey to greener electricity.


Principal Investigator in 2 National Projects, Participation in 23 National and International Research Projects


Co-author of 65 scientific papers in peer-reviewed international journals, 9 book chapters, 1 monograph


96 presentations in International scientific conferences and 22 in National scientific conferences


Organization and Committee member “International Symposium on Constructed Wetlands & Small Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Plants – ISCW2019”, 29-31 August 2019, Patras, Greece

Organization of “Summer School on Wastewater Treatment Technologies and Environmental Impact”, 8-20 July 2019, Olympia, Greece



Member of IEA Hydrogen TCP for the Task on renewable hydrogen production

Fundamental member of “Hellenic Water Association


2019- current: “Management of Wastewater (laboratory)”, “Environmental Geology”, Solid waste management”, “Technology of potable water”. “Physical Processes”, “Physico-chemistry”,

2017-2018: “Solid Waste Management”, Hellenic Open University, (post-graduate level).

2009-2016: “Methodology of Physicochemical analysis”, “Physical-chemistry I”, “Physical-chemistry II”, “Environmental Engineering”, “Environmental Chemistry”, “Renewable energy resources”, “Chemical Technology”


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