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Adjunct (Visiting) Professor

Dept. of Materials Sci, Queen Mary - University of London

Professor Emeritus

Dept. of Chemical Engineering

University of Patras, Greece

Tel: +30 2610-965 255



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1982: PhD in Materials Science, Dept. of Materials, QMW-Univ. of London, UK
1977: Diploma in Chemistry, Univ. of Athens, Greece


Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes: Mechanical properties in tension and compression. Surface modification and structural characterisation. Production of nanocomposites.
Composites: Stress/ strain sensing. Interfacial measurements. Micromechanics of reinforcement. Strain mapping. Modes of Failure. Mechanical characterisation. Smart Structures.
Polymers: Modelling structure/ property behaviour in semi-crystalline polymers. Morphological and structural characterisation of moulded polymers. Spectroscopic characterisation of polymers.
Non-Destructive Testing of Materials: World leader in the application of Laser Raman spectroscopy for stress or strain measurements in fibres and composites. Application to both polymeric and ceramic based composites.


2014 – current : Professor, Chemical Engineering Dept., Univ. of Patras
2002 – 2014 : Professor, Materials Dept., Univ. of Patras
2007 – 2013: Director of FORTH/ICE-HT
1996-2002: Research Director, FORTH/ICE-HT
1993-1996: Reader, Dept. of Materials Sci., Queen Mary College University of London, UK
1987-1993: Lecturer, Dept. of Materials Sci.,Queen Mary College University of London, UK
1986 : Lecturer, Dept. of Materials Sci., Brunel Univ., UK
1981-1986: Research Fellow, Queen Mary College University of London, UK



  • Elected member of the Academy of Europe, (Academia Europaea) (2021).
  • Fellowship of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) (2020).
  • Award from Bodossakis Foundation for innovative project/ patent application (2019).
  • The Aristeion of Academy of Athens in the Natural Sciences for the year 2019 (it is the annual top prize for a specific discipline).
  • Fellowship of the European Academy of Sciences (EuRASc) (2019).
  • Elected member of the Scientific Council of Greek Foundation for Research and Innovation (ELIDEK) (2017-Current).
  • Elected Member of the Graphene Flagship Executive Board of (2016-current).
  • “Pericles Theocaris” Award – Academy of Athens (December 2015), for the scientific publication “Curvature dependent surface energy for a free standing monolayer graphene: Some closed form solutions of the non-linear theory” (D. Sfyris, G. I. Sfyris and C. Galiotis, International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 67:186-197, 2014).
  • Appointment as a National Representative for Greece in the Horizon 2020 Programme Committee of Nanotechnology, Materials, Processes and Biotechnology (2011-2018).
  • Appointment in the FP7 Programme Committee as a National Representative of Nanotechnology, Materials and Processes (FP7-NMP) for Greece (2011-2013).
  • National Representative in the Graphene FET Flagship (since 2012).
  • Award of The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation for the project “Mechanical behaviour of two-dimensional crystals: The case of graphene” (2010).
  • Elected Member of the Executive Council of the European Association of Composite Materials (1999-2012).
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Nanofun-Poly Network of Excellence (2004-2008).
  • Elected President of the European Association of Composite Materials (2004-2006).
  • Institute of Materials top prizes for research papers (1990,’91,’93).
  • British Government Scholarship (1978-91).
  • Du Pont Young Faculty Award (1989-90).
  • Second Prize of Greek Mathematical Society (1972).


Extensive experience with the management of research projects and main co-ordinator/ partner of over 50 research programmes (funded by CEC, national bodies and industry) of total value of over 100 M?. To date he has handled almost 18 M? for work related to the activities of his own group. Coordinator of an ERC-Advanced Program (2013-2018) and of an ERC-PoC (2017-2019). Leader of WP14- Composites of the Graphene Flagship (the largest ever research program of EU funded by 1 billion Euro, 2013-2023). Has coordinated in the past large research programmes funded by FP7, ERC (GSRT) and other sources. From 2004-2008 he participated as a core partner in the European Network of Excellence (NoE) in Nanostructured Polymers and Nanocomposites. He coordinated (2006-10) a Marie Curie – Transfer of knowledge (TOK) grant for research in high volume fraction in carbon nanotube polymer composites. Funding agencies include CEC (FP5, FP6, FP7, Horizon 20202), EPSRC (UK), DRA (UK), ROYAL SOCIETY (UK), ONR (USA), GSRT (GR) etc.


418 publications in total: 9 chapters in books, 5 refereed reviews, 3 patents, 225 refereed journal papers, 74 refereed books of proceedings, 102 in non-refereed conference proceedings, (see bibliographic diagram from Web of Science).


Presentation in 147 international and national conferences. Invited speaker at 52 international conferences.


2017, Chairman and Organiser of the Graphene Week (Athens, Greece)
2015, Chairman and Organiser of the Summer School 2015(Patras, Greece) on New Carbon Fibres- 100 participants
2014, Chairman and Organiser of the Graphene Summer School 2014 (Patras, Greece)- 100 participants
2014, Chairman and Organiser of a Workshop on Graphene-based Composites in ECCM16, Seville, Spain (June 22-26)
2014, Chairman and Co-organiser (with Prof. Chryssolouris) of the Intenational Industrial Technologies 2014 Conference (Athens, Greece)- 1300 participants
2013, Co-organiser (with Prof. Anastasiadis) of the Onassis Lectures Series in Physics and Chemistry(theme: Nanosciences and Nanotechnology), July 15-19 2013, Heraklion
2012, Chairman and Organiser of the International GrapHEL conference (Mykonos, Greece)- 150 participants
2007, Chairman and Organiser of the International NANOCONF’07 conference (Corfu, Greece)- 150 participants
2004, Chairman and Organiser of ECCM11 (Rhodes, Greece)- 650 Participants
1997, Chairman of workshop on Composite Materials at JRC, ISPRA, Italy- 30 participants
1993, Chairman Composite Interfaces workshop (funded by ONR, USA) and held in London- 30 participants


Committee of Horizon 2020 and FP7 (2011-2018) of the Commission of European Communities. National Representative in the Graphene Flagship (2013-2023). Founder and Head of the FORTH Graphene Centre (the only Graphene Centre in Greece). Member of the European Research Council (ERC) PE8 panel for Engineering (since 2014). Served as Expert, Reviewer, and Independent Observer for evaluation of European FP5, FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020 research proposals. Served as a Vice-Chair of Marie-Curie evaluations in the whole of FP7 and Horizon 2020 (2014). External Reviewer of the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) at ISPRA, Italy (2000-2003). Reviewer for the Fulbright Foundation, USA, (1992-current). Reviewing applications for promotion to tenured faculty positions for US universities (Cornell, GIT, RPI). UK representative and coordinator of the university-industrial liaison for the European Concerted Action on Composite Interfaces (1992-97). Official External Examiner/ Reviewer for the MSc course on Advanced Materials in the Department of Materials of University of Surrey, UK (1995-97). External Examiner of PhD programmes for 4 UK universities (London, Manchester, Sheffield, Surrey), 1 German (Kaiserlautern) and 2 Greek universities (Athens-Technical and Patras) (1990-current). Member of the Academic Board of Queen Mary Univ. of London (1993-95).


Chemical Engineering Dept. – Univ. of Patras: Mechanics of Materials
Chemical Engineering Dept. – Univ. of Patras: Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Programme on Polymers- Univ. of Patras: Physics of Polymers


Editor-in-Chief of the Journal “Graphene and 2D Materials Technologies” (Springer-Nature, since 2017).
Editor-in-Chief of “Advanced Composites Letters” (1993-2018, recently acquired by SAGE publishing). International fully cited journal on Composite Materials. Published refereed short Letters and Full Papers.
Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of “Nanostructured Polymers and Nanocomposites” (2005-2014). The journal was publishing research papers every three months (publishers: ECNP, Italy) and was indexed by Scopus.
Editorial Board Member of the journals “Scientific Reports” (Springer-Nature) , “International Materials Reviews” and “Applied Sciences”.



  • “Effective EMI shielding behaviour of thin graphene/PMMA nanolaminates in the THz range”, by Christos Pavlou, Maria Giovanna Pastore Carbone, Anastasios C. Manikas, George Trakakis, Can Koral, Gianpaolo Papari, Antonello Andreone and Costas Galiotis, Nature Communications, 12, Article Number: 4655, 02 August 2021.
  • “Effective EMI shielding behaviour of thin graphene/PMMA nanolaminates in the THz range”, by, Christos Pavlou, Maria Giovanna Pastore Carbone, Anastasios C. Manikas, George Trakakis, Can Koral, Gianpaolo Papari, Antonello Andreone and Costas Galiotis, Nature Communications, 12, Article Number: 4655, 02 August 2021.
  • “Preventing colour fading in artworks with graphene veils”, by, Maria Kotsidi, George Gorgolis, Maria Giovanna Pastore Carbone, George Anagnostopoulos, George Paterakis, Giovanna Poggi, Anastasios Manikas, George Trakakis, Pierro Baglioni and Costas Galiotis, Nature nanotechnology, 01 July 2021.
  • “Real-Time Multiscale Monitoring and Tailoring of Graphene Growth on Liquid Copper”, by, Maciej Jankowski, Mehdi Saedi, Francesco La Porta, Anastasios C. Manikas, Christos Tsakonas, Juan S. Cingolani, Mie Andersen, Marc de Voogd, Gertjan J. C. van Baarle, Karsten Reuter, Costas Galiotis, Gilles Renaud, Oleg V. Konovalov, and Irene M. N. Groot, ACS nano, 15, 9638?9648, June 1 2021.
  • “Tunable macroscale structural superlubricity in two-layer graphene via strain engineering”, by, Androulidakis, Charalampos, Koukaras Emmanuel N., Paterakis George, Trakakis George and Galiotis Costas, Nature Communications, 11, Issue: 1, Article Number: 1595, March 2020.
  • Mosaic pattern formation in exfoliated graphene by mechanical deformation, by, Maria Giovanna Pastore Carbone, Anastasios Manikas, Ioanna Souli, Christos Pavlou, and Costas Galiotis, Nature Communications, 10, Article Number: 1572, April 2019.
  • “Failure Processes in Embedded Monolayer Graphene under Axial Compression” by Ch. Androulidakis, E.N. Koukaras, O. Frank, G. Tsoukleri, D. Sfyris, J. Parthenios, N. Pugno, K. Papagelis, K.S. Novoselov, C. Galiotis, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS (Nature), 4, 5271 (2014).
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  • “Subjecting a Graphene Monolayer to Tension and Compression” by G. Tsoukleri, J. Parthenios, K. Papagelis, R. Jalil, A.C. Ferrari, A.K. Geim, K.S. Novoselov, and C. Galiotis, Small, 2397-240: 25/21, 2009.
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