Process for catalytic, selective oxidation of carbon monoxide in gaseous mixtures containing excess hydrogen, a catalyst and a process for its preparation

Inventors: Stanko Hocevar, Jurka Batista, H. Matralis, Th. Ioannides, G. Avgouropoulos
Date: 2001
Priority Data: 16.02.2000 - SI200000032A
Appl. No: SI20471A - 31.08.2001, Add. Appl. No: WO2001060738A3 - 07.02.2002, EP1255693A2 - 13.11.2002 - Withdrawn, US20040156770A1 - 12.08.2004 - Abandoned
Applicant: FORTH/ICE-HT; National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia
Valid In: Slovenia
Legal Status: No more Valid