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RA: Drug Delivery Speaker: Tsiourvas Dimitris- Research Director Affiliation: Institute...
  RA: Drug Delivery Speaker: Dimitrios Fatouros- Assistant Professor Affiliation:...
  RA: Drug Delivery Speaker: Sophia Antimisiaris- Professor Affiliation: Department...

Safety in the lab.

Published: 27/03/2013

Speaker: John Parthenios- Principal Scientist Affiliation: FORTH/ICE-HT Theme: Ασφάλεια στο...
Speaker: Costas G. Vayenas- Professor Affiliation: Department of Chemical Engineering-...
  Post Graduate Seminar Speaker: Fotini Ravavi Advisors: Dr. Elina...
SEMINARS, Distinguished Lecture "Alkiviades Ch. Payatakes"

2nd Distinguished Lecture “Alkiviades Ch. Payatakes”

Published: 07/12/2012

"Multifluid flow in oil and gas reservoirs: from invasion percolation...

Seminars 2012

Published: 01/01/2012

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SEMINARS, Distinguished Lecture "Alkiviades Ch. Payatakes"

1st Distinguished Lecture “Alkiviades Ch. Payatakes”

Published: 19/12/2011

"Nanostructured particles for controlled inhalation therapy" Prof. Leon Gradon, Warsaw...