FORTH/ICE-HT has decided to create a Trust Fund, which will serve to support and propagate the “Stratis V. Sotirchos Lectureship”, as a means of honoring the memory of its distinguished member, Professor Stratis V. Sotirchos, who lost his life in a tragic accident in Brussels on June 13, 2004.

This Lectureship will be awarded every second year to an engineer-scientist, who has created original and fundamentally important work in some R&D field within the broader context of chemical engineering. Selection of the most deserving candidate, each time, will be done strictly on grounds of merit. Preference will be given to candidates younger than 40 years of age.

Every second year (starting in 2005) the Recipient of the SVS Lectureship will be invited to present the “Stratis V. Lecture” at the “Pan-Hellenic Scientific Conference in Chemical Engineering”. This conference is held every two years (in the odd numbered years) on a rotating basis in Patras, Thessalonica, and Athens, Greece.

The travel, living and lodging expenses of the Recipient will be covered in full from the proceeds of the SVS Trust Fund.

A drive is currently under way to attract contributions to the SVS Trust Fund from friends, including academic and/or research institutions, industrial companies, and physical persons. In the drive FORTH/ICE-HT has the kind active support and cooperation of CERTH & CPERI (Thessalonica) and of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Rochester (in which Stratis served during the major part of his professional career).



The SVS Trust Fund will be under the control of a Board of Trustees (BoT) which will be composed of the Director of FORTH/ICE-HT and Board members that will be elected among internationally respected engineer-scientists from various countries. The initial BoT members will be elected by FORTH/ICE-HT. In the future, replacements and renewals of BoT will be done according to the rules and criteria that will be established by the Board itself. The Director of FORTH/ICE-HT will be serving as Chair of the BoT.

The Board of Trustees will select, every second year, the Recipient of the SVS Lectureship, based on academic standards and using operational procedures which will be its responsibility to create and safeguard.

The work of the BoT will be conducted mainly via e-mail to minimize the operating costs. At the end of each fiscal year the Accounting Office of FORTH/ICE-HT will be submitting a formal Financial Report concerning the transactions and state of the Trust Fund to the Board of Trustees.



FORTH/ICE-HT has opened a special account with the National Bank of Greece, in order to facilitate contributions to the SVS Trust Fund (SVS-TF).

The following organizations have made substantial donations to create an initial seed fund of € 34 000:

  • FORTH/ICE-HT (12.000 €)
  • FORTH (13.000 €)
  • CERTH/CPERI (6.000 €)
  • CERTH (3.000 €)

Any Friend (academic and/or research institution, industrial company, or physical person) who wishes to make a contribution, and also to receive a proper invoice, should follow the procedure described below.

Step 1 Making the deposit (two alternative ways)

(A) Deposit directly to the special bank account

The special SVS-TF Bank Account number is as follows:
BANK ACCOUNT NO: 226/296199-78
IBAN NO.:GR29 0110 2260 0000 2262 9619 978

(B) International Cheque made to the order of FORTH/ICE-HT

The (international) cheque could be mailed in either one of two ways.

(B.1) Via regular Air Mail to

Attention of the Accounting Office
P.O. Box 1414
University Campus at Rion
GR 26504 Patras

(B.2) Via Courier Service to:

Attention of the Accounting Office
Odos Stadiou, Platani, Rion
GR 26504 Patras
Tel.: (+30) 2610 965300

Step 2 Notification of FORTH/ICE-HT

In the case that deposition method A (cf. Step 1) has been used, please send a copy of the deposit receipt to FORTH/ICE-HT, either as an attached file via e-mail (to, or via fax (to +30 2610 990 987, for the attention of the Accounting Office). Please, make certain that the receipt shows the name of the depositor, as well as the amount of the deposit.

In the case that deposition method B (cf. Step 1) has been used, please send a photocopy of the cheque via fax (to +30 2610 990 987, for the attention of the Accounting Office).

In either one of the above cases, your fax or e-mail message should include the following data concerning the Depositor: (a) full name and surname (or name of institution), (b) mailing address, (c) Internal Revenue Service Code Number (or equivalent), (d) address of the pertinent IRS Office (or equivalent), (e) profession (or line of business in the case of institutions), (f) telephone number, (g) e-mail address.



Once the deposit has been made and FORTH/ICE-HT has been duly notified, the Institute will issue a legal receipt, for the amount of the deposit, in the form of a “Donation Invoice” to the name of the Depositor, which will include all the aforementioned data of the Depositor [Step 2, (a) to (f)].

Please, note that if the deposit is made via international cheque, the Bank will charge a certain handling fee, and so the amount that will be shown on the invoice will be accordingly smaller.



The donation should be tax deductible in most countries.


For more information please do not hesitate to contact

Theophilos Ioannides, Research Director
Director of FORTH/ICE-HT
Tel.: +30 2610 965 301