Event Date: 07-10-2021, 17:00

Keynote Lecture, Prof. Gregory Stephanopoulos MIT, 1st ELIXIR Fluxomics Training School 2021


The organizers of the 1st ELIXIR Fluxomics Training School 2021  invite you to attend virtually the Keynote Lecture of  Prof. Gregory Stephanopoulos, Willard Henry Dow Professor in Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, titled “What have we learned from fluxes and what remains to explore?”, to be delivered in the context of the Training School, on Thursday October 7 2021 at 5pm. The lecture is open to any interested participant and can be attended through this zoom link. The lecture (apart from the Q&A part) will be recorded to be used as a fluxomics training webinar.

Υοu may watch the full presentation at the ELIXIR Fluxomics Training School youtube channel following this link



Stadiou Str., Platani


Event starts: 07-10-2021, 17:00