Research Funded Project

Intermediate temperature supported ceramic electrolyte fuel cells and reactors

Funding Organization: CEU
Contract no.: CHRX-CT93-0220 (DG DSCS)
Partners: The Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine; Department of Materials (ICSTDM) (UK); Coordinator; Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble; Ecole Nationale Superieure d' Electrochimie et d'Electrometallurgie de Grenoble; Laboratoire d' Ionique et d' Electrochimie du Solide (INPGEELIES) (FR); Energy Research Foundation (ERF); UAVRDECV; TUDFTFSTM; UKARLFCICV; SIEFEM; INNOV;FORTH/ICE-HT (GR); UOXFDM
Duration: From: 1993 - to: 1996
Total Budget: 375.000 EURO
ICE-HT Budget:
Researchers: C. Vayenas (PI)
Type: international