Research Funded Project

Development of flexible bioprocess forhandling and recycling seasonal industrial process liquid effluents

Funding Organization: CEU
Contract no.: BRE2-CT92-0355
Partners: Ergon SA; Research & Technology Division (GR); Coordinator;ICE/HT-FORTH (GR);Sirmet SA (GR);Danish Technological Institute; Dept of Biotechnology (DK);Biowaste Aps (DK);Hedeselskabet Danish Land Development Service; Dept of Environemnt (DK);The Imperial College of Science Technology & Medicine; Dept of Chemical engineering & Electrical Engineering (UK);Sofos SA; Eleourgia Achaias (GR)
Duration: From: 1993 - to: 1997
Total Budget: 376.000 EURO
ICE-HT Budget:
Researchers: G. Lyberatos (PI)
Type: international
Research Fields: