Research Funded Project

Development of a MW scale wind turbine for high wind complex terrain sites (MEGAWIND)

Funding Organization: CEU
Contract no.: ENK5-CT-2000-00328
Partners: Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (GR);:Co-ordinator; MADE Tecnologias Renovables SA (SP); NESCO Entrecanales Cubiertas (SP); Geobiologiki SAMetal and Plastic Constructions (GR); Centro de Investigaciones Energeticas;;Medioambientales y Tecnologicas (SP); FORTH/ICE-HT (GR); University of Patras (GR); National Technical University of Athens (GR); University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK)
Duration: From: 2001 - to: 2004
Total Budget: 3.600.000 EURO
ICE-HT Budget:
Researchers: C. Galiotis (Pl; Coordinator)
Type: international