Research Funded Project

Development of a general computer-aided technique for the characterisation of the micropore structure of industrial porous media and development of general network simulators for the prediction of multiphase flow and transport phenomena in such porous media

Funding Organization: CEU
Contract no.: RI 1B-0290-C (AM)
Partners: Groupement Europeen de Recherches Technologiques sur les Hydrocarbures; Institut Francais du Petrole- Direction de Recherche Gisements (GERTH); Geological Survey od Denmark (GSDK); HALDOR TOPSOE A/S (GSDK); FORTH/ICE-HT (GR); Technical Univesrity of Denmark-Physical Chemical Institute (TUDK)
Duration: From: 1988 - to: 1992
Total Budget: 2250000
ICE-HT Budget:
Researchers: Payatakes, A,C. (PI); Burganos, V.N.
Type: International