Research Funded Project

A New Approach For The Production Of A Hydrogen- Rich Gas From Biomas – An Absorption Enhanced Reforming Process (AER-GAS)

Funding Organization: CEU
Contract no.: ENK5-CT-2001-00545
Partners: Zentrum fuer Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-;Forschung (ZSWREG) (DE);Co-ordinator; FORTH/ICE-HT (GR); Proplan Ltd(PROPLAN) (CY); University of Cyprus (UCYPDCHCL) (CY); Technische Universitaet Wien (TUWCEFT) (AT); Universitaet Stuttgart (USTUTTIVD) (DE); Paul Scherrer Institut (IPSBAEEMC) (SWE); IVE Weimer (IVEW) (DE)
Duration: From: 2002 - to: 2004
Total Budget: 2.400.000 EURO
ICE-HT Budget:
Researchers: Th. Ioannides
Type: industry
Research Fields: