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Neophytides Stylianos

Stylianos Neophytides Research Director

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Last updated: March 2013


1990: Phd in Chem. Engng - Dept. of Chem. Engng, Univ. of Patras
1985: Diploma in Chemical Engineering, University of Patras


Previous Employment/Occupation:

2007-today: Research Director, FORTH/ICE-HT
2005-2010: Chairman of the board of directors of ADVENT Technologies S.A.
2002-2007: Principal Researcher, FORTH/ICE-HT
1995-2002: Associate Scientist, FORTH/ICE-HT
1991-1995: Post-Doctoral Fellow, FORTH/ICE-HT
1988-1991:Laboratory of Petochemical Terchn., Univ. of Gent, Belgium


Research Activities:

Heterogeneous catalysis, applications of IR and X-ray spectroscopies in catalysis and electrocatalysis, electrochemistry, chemical reaction engineering, High Temperature PEM and Solid Oxide fuel cells, PEM water electrolysis and photoelectrocatalysis.


Participation in Research Projects:

2000-2013: Participation in 15 research programmes financed either by the European Commission and Greek Ministry of Development of total budget 4.5k€. Coordinator of four European Projects on solid oxide and high temperature PEM fuel cells.



121 Refereed publications in Journals. 4 invited chapters in books. 16 in international proceedings and 15 in proceedings of Panhellenic conferences.


Conference Participation/Attendance:

36 Presentations in International Confrerences. 19 Invited and keynote lectures.


Conference Organization:

  • 1st Summer School on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Technology
    5-10 September, 2004 Patras, Greece
  • 3rd Summer School on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology
    3-8 September, 2006 - Lemnos, Greece


Co-founder of ADVENT Technologies SA:

Co-founder and Chairman of ADVENT Technologies. ADVENT activities are focused on the optimization and commercialization of high temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell technology based on materials and processes that have been developed at FORTH/ICE-HT and the Chemistry department of the University of PATRAS. The company has been established in November of 2004 and operates "Patras Science Park". Since October 2012 Advent Technologies through a $2.3 million investment  is being quartered in East Hartford, Connecticut, USA, and occupies research and development space in Patras, Greece. 


Selected Publications:

  • "Electrochemical enhancement of a catalytic reaction in aqueous solution", S.G. Neophytides, D. Tsiplakides, P. Stonehart, M.M. Jaksic & C.G. Vayenas, Nature 370 (1994), 45.
  • The electrokinetics of CO oxidation on Pt4Mo(20%wt.)/C interfaced with NAFION membrane, George Papakonstantinou,   Fotis Paloukis,  Angeliki Siokou   and  Stylianos, G. Neophytides, Journal of the Electrochemical Society 154 (10), pp. B989-B997 (2007).
  • Promotional effects on PtRu/C catalyst-electrode interfaced with aqueous electrolytes. Electrochemical Metal Support Interaction (EMSI) and Electrochemical Promotion of Catalysis (EPOC), D. Labou, S.G. Neophytides, Topics in Catalysis 44 (3), pp. 451-460  (2007).
  • Carbon Tolerant Ni-Au SOFC Electrodes operating under Internal Steam Reforming Conditions, Ilias Gavrielatos , Vasilis Drakopoulos and Stylianos G. Neophytides, Journal of Catalysis 259 (2008) 75-84.
  • Reforming methanol to electricity in a high temperature PEM fuel cell, Avgouropoulos G, Papavasiliou J, Daletou MK, Kallitsis JK , Ioannides T , Neophytides S APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL, 90: 3-4, 628-632, 2009.
  • Thermal crosslinking of aromatic polyethers bearing pyridine groups for use as high temperature polymer electrolytes, Ioannis Kalamaras, Maria K. Daletou, Stylianos G. Neophytides, Joannis K. Kallitsis, Journal of Membrane Science 415–416 (2012) 42–50.
  • On the kinetics of photoelectrocatalytic water splitting on nanocrystalline TiO2 films, Andreas K. Seferlis, Stylianos G. Neophytides, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 132– 133 (2013) 543– 552.


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