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Mavrantzas Vlasis

Vlasis Mavrantzas Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, Greece

Tel. : +30 2610-965 214   E mail:

Last updated: February 2013


1994: PhD in Chemical Engineering, Univ. of Delaware, USA
1988: Diploma in Chemical Engineering, NTU, Athens, Greece


Previous Employment/Occupation:

2011 - today: Professor, Dept. of Chem. Eng., Univ. of Patras
2003-2011: Associate Professor, Dept. of Chem. Eng., Univ. of Patras
2001-2003: Principal Researcher, FORTH/ICE-HT
1997-2001: Associate Researcher, FORTH/ICE-HT
1996-1997: Post-Doctoral Fellow, FORTH/ICE-HT & Dept. of Chem. Eng., Univ. of Patras
1994-1996: Greek Army
1989-1994: Research Assistant, Dept. of Chem. Eng., Univ. of Delaware, USA
1988-1989: Research Assistant, Dept. of Technical Chemistry, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland


Research Activities:

  • Modeling and simulation of polymers and of soft nanostructured polymeric materials at multiple time and length scales (atomistic, mesoscopic, macroscopic)
  • Multiscale modeling of chain dynamics and rheology (viscoelasticity) in polymers as a function of the molecular architecture of the chains (linear, branched, rings)
  • Modeling polymers at interfaces (slip, adhesion, self-assembly, dynamics in confined geometries) Thermodynamics of complex fluids under non-equilibrium conditions
  • Constitutive modeling of polymer melt viscoelasticity
  • Proteins and biological membranes


Participation in Research Projects:

Participation in 7 European (FP7, Growth, Marie-Curie, Brite-Euram) programmes, in 2 of them as project coordinator.
Participation in 7 Greek (Synergasia, Pened, Akmon, Pythagoras, Caratheodori) programmes, in 4 of them as project coordinator.
Participation in 3 industrial projects (with BP-Amoco and Dow Benelux B.V.).
Participation in 2 NATO programmes.



70 refereed journal papers. 50 papers in non-referred conference proceedings. 1 book (Statistical Thermodynamics) for the Hellenic Open University. 1 book under preparation (with Doros N. Theodorou: Multi-scale Modelling of Polymers) for Oxford Univ. Press. 10 chapters in books.


Conference Participation/Attendance:

Presentation in 150 international and national conferences. 26 invited lectures in Universities and Research Centres.


Teaching Activities:

Undergaduate: Physical Chemistry II, Polymer Rheology and Processing, Special topics in Physical Chemistry
Graduate: Thermodynamics, Polymer Rheology, Statistical Mechanics and Molecular Simulation.


Professional Affiliations:

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE), American Physical Society (APS), Society of Rheology (SOR), Hellenic Society of Rheology (HSR), Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE).



  • On the International Advisory Board of the Journal: Macromolecular Theory and Simulation, Wiley-VCH, Germany
  • Director, Inter-department Programme of Graduate Studies on Polymer Science and Technology, University of Patras, 2003-2011
  • Past President of the Hellenic Society of Rheology (2004-2006)
  • Alan P. Colburn Best Engineering PhD Thesis Award, Univ. of Delaware (1993-1994).
  • University of Delaware Competitive Fellowship (1991-1992).
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student Excellence Awards, annually 1983-1988, NTU, Athens
  • Director, Inter-department Programme of Graduate Studies on Polymer Science and Technology, University of Patras, 2003-up to date


Selected Publications:

  • "All-atom molecular dynamics simulation of temperature effects on the structural, thermodynamic and packing properties of the pure amorphous and pure crystalline phases of regioregular P3HT", O. Alexiadis, V.G. Mavrantzas, Macromolecules 2013.
  • "Effects of tube persistence length on dynamics of mildly entangled polymers", J. Qin, S.T. Milner, P.S. Stephanou, V.G. Mavrantzas, J. Rheology 2012, 56, 707-724.
  • "Projection of atomistic simulation data for the dynamics of entangled polymers onto the tube theory: Calculation of the segment survival probability function and comparison with modern tube models", P.S. Stephanou, C. Baig, V.G. Mavrantzas, Soft Matter 2011, 7, 380-395.
  • "On Maxwell's Relations of Thermodynamics for Polymeric Liquids away from Equilibrium", C. Baig, V.G. Mavrantzas, H.C. Ottinger, Macromolecules 2011, 44, 640-646.
  • "Melt Structure and Dynamics of Unentangled Polyethylene Rings: Rouse Theory, Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulation, and Comparison with the Linear Analogues", G. Tsolou, N. Stratikis, C. Baig, P.S. Stephanou, V.G. Mavrantzas. Macromolecules 2010, 43, 10692-10713.
  • "From atomistic trajectories to primitive paths to tube models: Linking molecular simulations with the reptation theory for entangled polymer melts", C. Baig, V.G. Mavrantzas, Soft Matter 2010, 6, 4603-4612.
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