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Gerasimos Lyberatos

Gerasimos Lyberatos Professor
School of Chemical Engineering
National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
Zografou Campus, Athens 15780, Greece

Tel. : +30 210 7723256  Fax +30 210 7723155   Email:

Last updated: January 2015


1980: Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,USA
1982: M.S. in Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, USA
1984: PhD in Chemical Engineering, Institute of Technology, USA


Previous Employment/Occupation:

Sep.1993 – 2010: Professor, University of Patras
1999 – 2003: Chairman Chemical Engineering, University of Patras
1994- 1997:Vice-Rector for Financial Planning and Development, University of Patras
1990- 1993: Associate Prof., University of Patras
1988- 1990: Assoc. Professor(tenured), University of Florida
1983- 1988: Assistant Professor, University of Florida
1982-1984: Research Assistant, California Institute of Technology
1981-1982: Teaching Assistant, California Institute of Technology


Other Functions:

Editor, Jounal of Hazardous Materials
Associate Editor, Waste and biomass Valorization

Associate Editor, Global Nest
Coordinator of "Solid Waste management" unit of the Graduate Programme on "Waste management", Hellenic Open University

President of the Hellenic Water Association (Greek Governing Member of the International Water Association)

Member of the Agricultural Academy of Athens

City Counselor (Municipality of Halandri), in charge of recycling


Research Activities:

Biochemical Engineering , Environmental Biotechnology, Energy from Biomass, Wastewater Engineering, Solid Waste Management.


Participation in Research Projects:

50 national and international research programs.



156 refereed international journal papers.


Conference Participation/Attendance:

262 lectures in conferences, member of the organising committee in various conferences and chairman of 2 national and 2 international conferences.



31 years of teaching in the Departments of Chemical Engineering at Univ. of Florida. University of Patras and the National Technical University of Athens: Biochemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology, Mechanical Process Equipment Selection and Design, Process Control, Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics.


Professional Activities:

International Water Association, Technical Chamber of Greece, Panhellenic Society of Chemical Engineers.



Presidential Young Investigator Award (U.S. National Science Foundation)
1987 "Teacher of the Year Award" , AIChE Student Chapter, University of Florida
"Tau Beta Pi Teacher of the Year", College of Engineering, University of Florida.


Selected Publications:

  • Antonopoulou G., Gavala H., Skiadas, I.V. and Lyberatos G., "Modelling of fermentative hydrogen production from sweet sorghum extract based on modified ADM1", International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 37,1, 191-208, (2012)
  • Antonopoulou, G., Stamatelatou, K., Bebelis, S., Lyberatos, G. "Electricity generation from synthetic substrates and cheese whey using a two chamber microbial fuel cell", Biochemical Engineering Journal, 50 (1),p.p.10-15 (2010)
  • Kornaros, M., Dokianakis, S.N., Lyberatos, G., «Partial nitrification/denitrification can be attributed to the slow response of nitrite oxidizing bacteria to periodic anoxic disturbances», Environmental Science and Technology,44 (19 ),pp.7245-7253, (2010)
  • Ntaikou I., Kourmentza C., Koutrouli E., Stamatelatou Κ., Zampraka A., Kornaros M., Lyberatos G., "Exploitation of olive oil mill wastewater for combined biohydrogen and biopolymers production", Bioresource Technology, 100 (15), pp. 3724-3730 ,(2009)
  • Pakou C., Kornaros M., Stamatelatou K. and Lyberatos G., "On the fate of LAS, NPEOs and DEHP in municipal Sewage Sludge during composting", Bioresource Technology, 100 (2009) 1634-1642
  • Antonopoulou G., Stamatelatou K., Venetsaneas N., Kornaros M., and G. Lyberatos,   Biohydrogen and Methane Production from Cheese Whey in a Two-Stage Anaerobic Process, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2008, 47, 5227-5233, (2008)
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