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Nanothinx S.A. - Research and Development of Carbon Nanotubes S.A.


Research and Development of Carbon Nanotubes S.A. (Nanothinx S.A.)Nanothinx was founded in 2005 by researchers from FORTH/ICE-HT and focuses on large scale production of High Purity and Low Cost Carbon-nanotubes and some of their applications. The technology used by the company originated from the research activities of late Dr. S. Sotirchos who invented a novel catalytic process for the mass production of carbon-nanotubes with a yield which is much higher than the closest known competitor. An intriguing feature of the new process is that it utilizes as its catalyst a waste by-product of the nickel and nickel-alloy industry.

Mission & Objectives
The activities of Nanothinx mainly involve the development of methods for the large-scale, high-yield and low-cost production of carbon nanotubes (CNT). The proprietary methods of CNT production used by the company are based on the catalytic chemical vapor deposition of carbon from hydrocarbon feeds using innovative metallic catalysts on suitable supports. Work is also carried out on the development of methods for the production of nanostructured materials in which nanotubes are one of their constituent components, such as composite materials. For the achievement of its goals, Nanothinx follows an active marketing strategy, which involves: a) the supply of its products either directly to customers, such as companies that develop products with incorporated carbon nanotubes, or through specialized catalogues of chemical products, b) the development of strategic partnerships with companies that focus on the applications of carbon nanotubes, and c) the continuation of research and development (R&D) in collaboration with other companies and research organizations.
Services/Products offered
Nanothinx is in a position to supply potential customers with high quality and high purity as-prepared MWNT of various purities in quantities ranging from grams to kilograms, and SWNT in quantities ranging from milligrams to a few grams at very competitive prices. Besides the supply of pristine carbon nanotubes, the company also offers carbon nanotubes:
  • In functionalized form, that is chemically treated with various substances that allow the attachment of radical groups (e.g., COOH, NH2) on their tips and sidewalls
  • In the form of aqueous solutions, which facilitate the incorporation of CNT in polymer and other type of matrices

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