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Instrument Characteristics

Mercury Porosimetry

PoreMaster 60 Porosimeter (Quantachrome)

- Two low pressure ports for the filling of sample cells (penetrometers) and performing scan mercury intrusion - retraction tests over a low pressure range: 3.5-340 kPa (equivalent cylindrical diameter of pores: 4-400 μm).

- One high pressure port for performing scan or step mercury intrusion - retraction cycles over a high pressure range: 130-400 000 kPa (equivalent cylindrical diameter of pores: 0.0035-10 μm).


Mercury Porosimetry

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Mercury porosimetry is the most popular and fastest method of pore structure analysis for a wide variety of porous materials. Information about pore sizes and shapes, pore space connectivity, spatial pore size correlation and pore-wall roughness is embedded into the mercury intrusion - retraction curves. The microstructural properties of porous materials determine their macroscopic transport coefficients (e.g. permeability, effective diffusivity, electrical conductivity, etc) and hence they are of key importance for various industrial applications (e.g. oil & gas recovery from reservoir rocks, contamination & remediation of soils and aquifers, filtration, catalytic reactions, etc).


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Analysis of the pore structure of inorganic and organic porous materials, natural formations (e.g. rocks, soils), construction materials (e.g. concrete, wood, firebricks) and industrial products (e.g., filters, catalysts, active coal, ceramic membranes, paper, etc). There are six types of penetrometers differing with respect to the volume of sample holder (~maximum sample volume): 3.2, 6.6, 18 cm3, and mercury intrusion capacity (~maximum measured pore volume): 0.5, 2.0 cm3. Typical sample dimensions: diameter~1cm, length~3cm. Each penetrometer is suitable for consolidated and unconsolidated (powders, particles) porous materials.




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