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Instrument Characteristics

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)

Model: Q800, TA Instruments

Maximum force: 18N

Minimum force: 1x10-4 N

Force resolution: 1x10-5 N

Strain resolution: 1 nm

Modulus Range: 1kPa - 3 TPa

Modulus precision: ± 1%

Tanδ sensitivity: 1x10-4

Tanδ sensitivity: 1x10-5

Frequency range: 0.01 to 200 Hz

Dynamic sample deformation range: ±0.5 μm - 10 mm

Temperature range: -150 - 600 oC

Heating rate: 0.1 to 20 oC/min

Cooling rate: 0.1 to 10 oC/min

Isothermal stability: ± 1 oC

Time/ Temperature superposition: Yes


Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)

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Polymers are viscoelastic materials, whose mechanical behaviour exhibits characteristics of both solids and liquids. Of the different methods for viscoelastic property characterization, dynamic mechanical techniques are the most popular, since they are readily adapted for studies of both polymeric solids and liquids.

The instrument which measures stress versus strain as a function of frequency and temperature is called dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA). The DMA supplies an oscillatory force, causing a sinusoidal stress to be applied to the sample, which generates a sinusoidal strain. By measuring both the amplitude of the deformation at the peak of the sine wave and the lag between the stress and strain sine waves, quantities like the modulus, the viscosity, and the damping can be calculated.


Services Sample properties
  • Determination of material mechanical properties (modulus and damping of viscoelastic materials) over a spectrum of time (frequency) and temperature.
  • Detection of molecular motions.
  • Development of property-structure or morphology relationships.
Bars, films, sheets, fibres




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