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Instrument Characteristics

Max Working Temperature: 225 °C
Max Working Pressure: 10 Bar
Working Area: 500 x 1000mm2
Electrical Heating System:
Dual loop control system with critical master/slave controllers for temperature, air & vacuum
4 Load thermocouples with auto scanning, screen selectable
2 Air thermocouples with auto scanning
Encapsulated water cooled main fan
25 m3/min vacuum pump
Fully controlled by computer


Autoclave processing of composites materials

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Autoclave moulding is an advanced composite process which produces denser, void free moldings because higher heat and pressure are used for curing. It is widely used in the aerospace industry to fabricate high strength/weight ratio parts from pre-impregnated high strength fibers for aircraft, spacecraft and missiles. Autoclaves are heated pressure vessels usually equipped with vacuum systems into which the bagged lay-up on the mould is taken for the cure cycle. Curing pressures are generally in the range of 3 bar (50 psi) to 7 bar (100 psi) and cure cycles normally involve many hours. The method accommodates higher temperature matrix resins such as epoxies, having higher properties than conventional resins. Autoclave size limits part size. This Autoclave can also produce epoxy resin composites using Resin Tranfer moulding.


Services Sample properties
  • Conventional thermoset composites and nanocomposite processing
  • Mould dependent samples
  • Plates with max dimensions of 50mm in width and 80 mm in length
  • Thermoset composite plates incorporating aligned thin metallic wires




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J. Parthenios


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