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Publications in International Periodicals (1992)

  1. Apostolopoulos T., Dassios G., "A parallel algorithm for solving the inverse scattering moment problem", J. Comput. Appl. Math., 42: 63-77 (1992).

  2. Bebelis S., Vayenas C.G., "Non-Faradaic Electrochemical Modification of Catalytic Activity 5.Oxygen Chemisorption on Silver", J. Catal., 138: 570-587 (1992).

  3. Bebelis S., Vayenas C.G., "Non-Faradaic Elelctrochemical Modification of Catalytic Activity 6.Ethylene Epoxidation on Ag Deposited on Stabilized ZrO2", J. Catal., 138: 588-610 (1992).

  4. Burganos V.N., Michalopoulou A.C, Dassios G., Payatakes A.C., "CREEPING FLOW AROUND AND THROUGH A PERMEABLE SPHERE MOVING WITH CONSTANT VELOCITY TOWARDS A SOLID WALL: A REVISION", Chem. Eng. Comm., 117: 85-88 (1992).

  5. Burganos V.N., Paraskeva C.A., Payatakes A.C., "Three-Dimensional Trajectory Analysis and Network Simulation of Deep Bed Filtration", J. Coll. Inter. Sci., 148: 167-181 (1992).

  6. Burganos V.N., Payatakes A.C., "KNUDSEN DIFFUSION IN RANDOM AND CORRELATED NETWORKS OF CONSTRICTED PORES", Chem. Eng. Sci., 47: 1383-1400 (1992).

  7. Charalambopoulos A., Dassios G., "Inverse scattering via low-frequency moments", J. Math. Phys., 33: 4206-4216 (1992).

  8. Efstathiou A.M., Boudouvas D., Vamvouka N., Verykios X.E., "Kinetics of methane oxidative coupling on zinc-doped titanium oxide", Appl. Catal. A:General, 92: 1-15 (1992).

  9. Goula M.A., Kordulis Ch., Lycourghiotis A., Fierro J.L.G., "Development of Molybdena Catalysts Supported on γ-Alumina Extrudates with Four Different Mo Profiles: Preparation, Characterization, and Catalytic Properties", J. Catal., 137: 285-305 (1992).

  10. Goula M.A., Kordulis Ch., Lycourghiotis A., "Influence of Impregnation Parameters on the Axial Mo/γ-Alumina Profiles Studied Using a Novel Simple Technique", J. Catal., 133: 486-497 (1992).

  11. Karakitsou K.E., Verykios X.E., "Influence of Catalyst Parameters and Operational Variables on the Photocatalytic Cleavage of Water", J. Catal., 134: 629-643 (1992).

  12. Karakonstantis L., Kordulis Ch., Lycourghiotis A., "Mechanism of Adsorption of Tungstates on the Interface of γ-Alumina/Electrolyte Solutions", Langmuir, 8: 1318-1324 (1992).

  13. Koussathana M., Vamvouka N., Tsapatsis M., Verykios X.E., "Hydrogenation of aromatic compounds over noble metals dispersed on doped titania carriers", Appl. Cat. A:General, 80: 99-113 (1992).

  14. Lymberopoulos D.P., Payatakes A.C., "Derivation of Topological, Geometrical, and Correlational Properties of Porous Media from Pore-Chart Analysis of Serial Section Data", J. Coll. Interf. Sci., 150: 61-80 (1992).

  15. Michalopoulou A.C., Burganos V.N., Payatakes A.C., "Creeping Axisymmetric Flow Around a Solid Particle Near a Permeable Obstacle", AlCHE J., 38: 1213-1228 (1992).

  16. Nalbandian L., Boghosian S., Papatheodorou G.N., "Vaporization and Vapor Complexation in the Gold(III) Chloride-Aluminum(III) Chloride System", Inorg. Chem., 31: 1769-1773 (1992).

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  19. Papadakis V.G., Fardis M.N., Vayenas C.G., "Hydration and Carbonation of Pozzolanic Cements", ACl Mat. J., 89: 119-103 (1992).

  20. Papageorgiou D., Vamvouka D., Boudouvas D., Verykios X.E., "Oxidative Coupling of Methane to C2 Hydrocarbons over Titania-Based Catalysts", Catal. Today, 13: 391-400 (1992).

  21. Papatheodorou G.N., Boviatsis I.V., Voyiatzis G.A., "In situ Raman spectra of electrode products during electrolysis of HgCl2 in molten LiCl-KCl eutectic", J. Appl. Electr., 22: 517-521 (1992).

  22. Pavlou S., Kevrekidis I.G., "Microbial Predation in a Periodically Operated Chemostat: A Global Study of the Interaction Between Natural and Externally Imposed Frequencies", Math. Biosc., 108: 1-55 (1992).

  23. Sabbides Th., Giannimaras E., Koutsoukos P.G., "THE PRECIPITATION OF CALCIUM CARBONATE IN ARTIFICIAL SEAWATER AT SUSTAINED SUPERSATURATION", Envir. Techn., 13: 73-80 (1992).

  24. Spanos N., Matralis H.K., Kordulis Ch., Lycourghiotis A., "Molybdenum-oxo Species Deposited on Titania by Adsorption: Mechanism of the Adsorption and Characterization of the Calcined Samples", J. Catal., 136: 432-445 (1992).

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  27. Vayenas C.G., Bebelis S., Yentekakis I.V., Neophtyides S., "Non-Faradaic electrochemical modification of catalytic activity: the work function of metal electrodes in solid electrolyte cells", Sol. St. Ion., 53-56: 97-110 (1992).

  28. Vayenas C.G., Bebelis S., Yentekakis I.V., Tsiakaras P., Karasali H., Karavasilis Ch., "SOLID ELECTROLYTES FOR IN SITU PROMOTION OF CATALYST SURFACES: THE NEMCA EFFECT", Intern. Congr. Catal., : 2139-2142 (1992).

  29. Voyiatzis G.A., Papatheodorou G.N., "Raman Spectroscopic Studies of Metal-Metal Halide Molten Mixtures: The Mercury-Mercury(II) Halide Systems", Inorg. Chem., 31: 1945-1951 (1992).

  30. Yentekakis I.V., Bebelis S., "Study of the NEMCA Effect in a Single-Pellet Catalytic Reactor", J. Catal., 137: 278-283 (1992).

  31. Vordonis L., Spanos N., Koutsoukos P.G., Lycourghiotis A., "Mechanism of Adsorption of Co2+ and Ni2+ Ions on the 'Pure and Fluorinated γ-Alumina/Electrolyte Solution' Interface", Langmuir, 8: 1736-1743 (1992).

  32. Xyla A.G., Mikroyannidis J., Koutsoukos P.G., "The Inhibition of Calcium Carbonate Precipitation in Aqueous Media by Organophosphorus Compounds", J. Coll. Inter. Sci., 153: 537-551 (1992).

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