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  • Professor Antony N. Beris, University of Delaware, was elected by the Board of Directors of FORTH, on 3 December 1999, as Affiliated Member of two of the FORTH Research Institutes, namely, FORTH/ICE-HT and FORTH/IESL . Professor Beris has already strarted active research cooperation with groups of Researhers from both of these Institutes. He will be visiting each of the Institutes for several weeks every year for closer and more direct cooperation.

  • On September 17 & 18, 1999 an International Symposium was held at FORTH/ICE-HT to honor Professor George Papatheodorou, on the occasion of his 60th birthday, for his contribution to the scientific and academic community. More than 100 scientists from about 20 countries, friends, and public servants including the Mayor of the City of Patras, Mr. E. Floratos, and the NATO SfP Project Director Dr. Chris DeWispelaere, were gathered to honor his profound accomplishments in High Temperature Chemistry.
    George Papatheodorou was one of the pioneers who paved the road for the foundation of ICE-HT, serving also as its Director for 15 years, and he contributed to the formation of FORTH. He also served as General Secretary of Research and Technology (1988-89), and Chairman of the Department of Chemical Engineering (1982-84). He was and still is an active member of executive and scientific boards and committees including, among others, the NATO Science Committee, in which he is the Greek representative, the Scientific Council of "National Hellenic Research Foundation", and the Board of Directors of "Patras Science Park".

  • The Royal Society of Chemistry of the UK has begun publication of a new scientific journal having the title "Green Chemistry". This new journal is devoted to basic research in chemistry aiming at the development of clean technologies. One of the members of the Editorial Board is Dr. S. Boghosian, Lecturer at the University of Patras and a regular collaborating faculty member of FORTH/ICE-HT.

  • The 3rd issue of the 24th volume of "MRS Bulletin", which appeared recently, is dedicated to the subject of "Membranes and Membrane Processes". Guest-Editor for this special issue was Dr. V. N. Burganos, Director of Research at FORTH/ICE-HT. Two of the seven papers, which appeared in this issue, were contributed by FORTH/ICE-HT Researchers. MRS Bulletin is the basic scientific journal of the Materials Research Society.

  • The Trustees and the Publisher of the international scientific journal "Advanced Composites Letters" has authorized the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. C. Galiotis, Director of Research at FORTH/ICE-HT, to transfer the Editorial Office from the University of London to FORTH/ICE-HT, starting on 1/1/99. Thus, the journal issues from 1/1/99 onward carry the address of FORTH/ICE-HT on the title page. ACL is covered by major international databases, such as "Science Database", etc.

  • Professor G. Stephanopoulos (Dept. of Chem. Eng., MIT and Honorary Fellow of FORTH) was recently elected as member of the National Academy of Engineering (USA).


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