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9th Panhellenic Catalysis Symposium, Lefkas, Greece, 6-7 October, 2006

The Greek Catalysis Society announced the 9th Panhellenic Catalysis Symposium that took place at the island of Lefkas (Hotel Ionian Blue) on 6 and 7 October 2006.

The Symposium was organized by FORTH/ICE-HT and University of Patras under the auspices of the Greek Catalysis Society. Chairman of the Symposium was Dr. Theophilos Ioannides (Principal Researcher of FORTH/ICE-HT).

Goal of the Symposium wass to present and discuss recent research carried out in Greece in the field of catalysis (heterogeneous & homogeneous). The Symposium included plenary and keynote lectures from recognized scientists in the field of catalysis, as well as oral and poster presentations.


1st European Workshop on
"In-Situ Stimulation and Remediation of Contaminated Fractured Soils - STRESOIL"
Szczecin, Poland, 28-29 September 2006

This Workshop was organized by the consortium (GEUS, FORTH/ICE-HT, IFP, BROEKER A/S, HYDROGEOTECHNIKA) of the EC-funded Specific Targeted Research Project STRESOIL. The objective of the workshop was to present and discuss new strategies, methodologies, results and perspectives of procedures used for the in situ stimulation / remediation of the unsaturated zone of fractured sites contaminated by hydrocarbons (NAPLs). Participants were from public environmental agencies, soil and groundwater remediation companies, consulting firms, site owners, Universities, and Research Institutes to facilitate the transfer of knowledge among involved scientists, enterprises, authorities and public.

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4th International Workshop on
"Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics and Complex Fluids - IWNET 2006"
Rhodes, Greece, September 4-7, 2006

An international meeting for the exchange of information on the latest developments on nonequilibrium thermodynamics theories and applications in complex fluids.

This meeting was the fourth of a series that started with satellite meetings in Montreal and Oxford in conjunction to the International Congresses of Rheology in Quebec City (1996) and Cambridge (2000), respectively. The third meeting (2003) took place in Princeton. Following the organization of those meetings, emphasis was placed on most recent developments, especially the connection to (nonequilibrium) statistical mechanics and the applications of technical interest in complex systems like polymer solutions and melts, liquid crystals, blends, colloids, suspensions, multiphase systems in association to the flow but also mass and heat transfer, stress-induced thermodynamic phase transitions and particle migration, interactions with surfaces and/or macroscopic fields, etc. Both microscopic and macroscopic applications were of interest, especially approaches that combine the two with an emphasis to multiple scale analysis and the analysis of fluctuations and nonlinear phenomena.

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3rd Annual European Rheology Conference - AERC 2006
Hersonissos, Crete, Greece, April 17-19, 2006

The aim of AERC 2006 was to contribute to the advancement of Rheology by bringing together interested researchers from Europe and the rest of the world in a meeting aimed at bridging traditional themes with modern trends. The focus was the presentation of high-quality scientific works in a format that encouraged lively discussions for the promotion of knowledge.

Following the tradition of European Rheology meetings, AERC 2006 was a 3-day conference split into Symposia that reflected mainstream of developing areas of Rheology. In conjuction with the AERC 2006, two short courses took place in the same hotel,one on multi-scale modeling methodologies and another one on intefacial rheology and applications.

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