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3rd Meeting of the Greek Section of the Combustion Institute

The 3rd Meeting of the Greek Section of the Combustion Institute will take place in Patras on 7-8 November 2003. The meeting aims to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of current research activities in the field of combustion in Greece. Topics include all areas of fundamental and applied combustion research with particular emphasis on: combustion chemistry, turbulent flames, industrial burners, internal combustion engines, fuel cells, coal and lignite combustion, combustion control, catalytic oxidation, pollutant formation and dispersion, alternative fuels, flame synthesis, waste incineration.


4th Panhellenic Scientific Conference of Chemical Engineering

The 4th Panhellenic Scientific Conference of Chemical Engineering will take place in Patras, on May 29-31, 2003. The scope of the conference is to: present the research efforts in the field of Chemical Engineering in Greece as well as of Greek Chemical Engineers abroad, and to evaluate undergraduate and graduate study programs in the Chemical Engineering Departments of the country.


3rd International Workshop on NonEquilibrium Thermodynamics in Complex Fluids

An international meeting for the exchange of information on the latest developments on nonequilibrium thermodynamics theories and applications in complex fluids. This meeting is the third of a series that started with satellite meetings in Montreal and Oxford in conjunction to the International Congresses of Rheology in Quebec City (1996) and Cambridge (2000), respectively. Following the organization of those meetings, emphasis will be placed on most recent developments, especially the connection to (nonequilibrium) statistical mechanics and the applications of technical interest in complex systems like polymer solutions and melts, liquid crystals, blends, colloids, suspensions, multiphase systems in association to the flow but also mass and heat transfer, stress-induced thermodynamic phase transitions and particle migration, interactions with surfaces and/or macroscopic fields, etc. Both microscopic and macroscopic applications are of interest, especially approaches that combine the two with an emphasis to multiple scale analysis and the analysis of fluctuations and nonlinear phenomena.

August 14-17 2003
The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village
201 Village Boulevard Princeton, New Jersey 08540 USA

Scientific Organizing Committee:
A. N. Beris and B. J. Edwards (co-chairs)
M. Grmela, V. G. Mavrantzas and H. C. Ottinger.

Local Organizer: A. N. Beris

Interested people to receive full registration information (in preparation) are encouraged to consult the web page: or to contact one of the organizers.


3rd Chemical Engineering Conference for Collaborative Research in Eastern Mediterranean (EMCC-3)

The 3rd Chemical Engineering Conference for Collaborative Research in Eastern Mediterranean (EMCC-3) will take place in Thessaloniki, 14-16 May, 2003.

  - Advanced Materials Processes
  - Chemical and Catalytic Processes
  - Bioengineering
  - Transport Phenomena and Separation Processes
  - Process System Engineering


Europe Africa Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society

The Europe Africa Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society will take place in Athens, 14-17 September, 2003. The conference aims to bring together scientists and engineers from all over the world conducting research or interested in the field of polymer processing. The program will consist of plenary lectures, invited lectures, oral and poster presentations.


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