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Technical Support Services

Technical Support Services (TSS) provide support and technical advice to the ICE-HT staff and helps with the implementation of the research goals. Four major areas of activities are undertaken by TSS:


Workshop and related activities

The main tasks of the workshop is to maintain a large variety of scientific equipment such as lasers, spectrometers, chromatographs, furnaces etc. and to get involved with the technical design, validation and implementation of new scientific equipment and experimental set ups. Fabrication of parts of experimental equipment and devices can also be undertaken depending on the nature of the work required.
The workshop is equipped with all the basic instruments for the provision of the aforementioned services. These include a whole range of milling, drilling, sawing and welding machines, electrical equipment and glass blowing facilities.


The technical personnel of the TSS is well trained to provide assistance with research projects and to build specialised instruments.


Electronics Workshop

The Electronics Workshop is equipped with high precision electronics test instruments, including:

  • Scope meters (digital storage oscilloscopes, Fluke 99B, Hitachi V-1100A).
  • Arbitrary wave form generators, (Siemens 2005, HP 33120A).
  • Various signal sources, (HP 53131A etc.).
  • Calibrators (temperature-pressure-voltage-current, Fluke 741B etc.).
  • Electrical test instruments and digital voltmeters, (HP 34401A, Keithley 199).
  • Several CAD/CAM design software packages for electronic design, simulation and PCB construction (ORCAD-Pspice).
  • Computerized Board Fault Locator installation for on board detection to single chip level (ABI system 8).

The Electronics Workshop offers maintenance services, trouble shooting, repair of instruments, design of electronic circuits and boards for specific applications, etc.


Design and development of electronic systems with modern Board Fault Locator Technics comprise some of the Electronic Workshop activities.

The Electronics Workshop cooperates with the research teams of ICE-HT for the development and construction of non-commercial electronics devices such as:

  • Infused-withdraw syringe pumps
  • BPSK modulator for lasers
  • Fraction collectors
  • Variable rotation electronic circuit drives for use in diagnostic instruments, (ectacytometers etc.)


Building maintenance

The maintenance of the ICE-HT building facilities is undertaken on a regular basis by the TSS. This is accomplished by qualified staff and with a minimal disruption to the research work carried out at the Institute. Some of the services provided include technical support of Events such as Conferences and Meetings and transportation from and to ICE-HT by a minibus.
The ICE-HT Building has been designed in such a way as to provide a whole range of central facilities to the Research Staff and their Laboratories. Some of these facilities are given below:

  • Supplies of Air and Nitrogen, De-ionised water and Hot water
  • Cooling tower circuit for laser and other equipment cooling
  • Air Conditioning (cooling and heating)
  • Conservation of resources, including water and electricity
  • Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarms, etc.
  • Storage of Equipment
  • Cleaning Services


In addition to the above services, the ICE-HT Building is equipped with a modern 100 seat conference room with audio/ visual capabilities. Finally, the ICE-HT facilities and its perimeter are guarded by professional security personnel during non-office hours.

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