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The library is located on the second floor of Building A. It offers a spacious reading room, a set of PCs connected to LAN and the Internet, a CD-tower, color laser and ink-jet printers, a scanner, and color and B/W photocopying machines. Report binding facilities are also available in the library area.



The library aims to facilitate the ICE-HT research personnel (Researchers, Collaborating Faculty, Graduate students and Post doctoral scientists) in their literature search using modern equipment and facilities.




Scientific Materials and Services

The library hosts electronic and printed material that is acquired on the basis of the educational and research needs of the researchers and students. There is a general collection of reference data (encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks etc.), books, book series, and periodicals. The library also maintains subscriptions to electronic journals and databases.

More specifically, the library holds:

  • Approximately 1500 books (monographies and the major monographic series in chemical engineering and related disciplines).
  • Reference material (encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks).
  • Bibliographic and full text Databases and Reference Material in CD-ROMs.
  • 50 current subscriptions of scientific journals in printed form.
  • Access to electronic journals through the HEAL-Link consortium. It also provides access to the “Web of Science” database and to “Cambridge Scientific Abstracts”, for the monitoring of the impact of the scientific outcome of the Institute.
  • A complete catalogue of PhD theses that were supervised by Researchers and Collaborating Faculty Members.
  • A complete list of publications in international scientific journals, Conference Proceedings, Books, Chapters in books, and Citations of the Institute researchers.
  • Up-to-date information material regarding EC and GSRT announcements for research and development proposals, relevant guidelines, Cordis Publications etc.

This material covers a significant part of the chemical engineering, chemistry, physical chemistry and related disciplines and helps the users of the library to stay informed of the latest developments in these areas.



The library is a member of the HEllenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link Consortium). HEAL Link is the biggest library consortium in Greece and an acknowledged member of many European and world societies. Through HEAL Link, the library provides online access to scientific journals and bibliographic databases.

The library is also a member of the National Network of Scientific and Technological Libraries. Thanks to that, articles of journals that are unavailable at the library can be ordered from libraries around the country. The time frame for obtaining these articles ranges from 1 to 5 working days.


Electronic Equipment

In order to meet the increasing needs of the Institute researchers for literature search and access to electronic material, the library, thanks also to an older start-up grant from GSRT, is at the stage of rapid development to a modern, electronic library with state-of-the-art multimedia facilities.

The PC laboratory of the library is connected to the main Institute computer network and includes a powerful server (UNIX and NT) and five (5) personal computers. These facilities enable library users to search and locate useful electronic resources and to acquire them in the form (html, pdf etc.) and the level (abstract, full text etc) they desire. They also offer a range of word processing, graphics editing, e-mail, web browsing, tele-conferencing and data processing applications, for the support of the scientific work of the ICEHT/FORTH personnel.




Other equipment and facilities are mentioned below:

  • An online public access catalogue facilitates the location of books and journals within the library shelves. The compilation of the catalogue is compatible to the international cataloguing and classification standards (ISBD, ISO 2709, AACR2, Dewey Decimal Classification System, UniMARC). The automation system that serves the core functions and services of the library is based on ABEKT, which is developed by National Documentation Center.
  • Data distribution and preservation. This is made possible through the use of a cost-effective HP CD-ROM Server.

The creation of an integrated Automated Library System is already in progress, aiming to offer individual autonomy directly at the researchers’ offices. The Institute plans to acquire also a multi-user, multipurpose platform that will provide state-of-the-art remote processing, training, and teleconferencing capabilities.

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